Monday, July 31, 2006

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Yesterday Cory and I gave talks in sacrament meeting. We were both asked to speak on keeping the Sabbath day holy. I studied and pondered all week long in preparation. It was such an awesome week. I learned so much and the last two Sabbaths have been the best ones that I have had in my life because through all my studying, the Sabbath day has had more meaning and importance to me than it ever has before. There was a youth speaker that was supposed to speak before us, but she ended up not being there, so we told the Bishop that we'd give our talks and then he could fill in the remaining time. Well, all I can say is it is a good thing the youth speaker wasn't there. I spoke for 25 minutes and then Cory spoke for 30 min. With an intermediate song in between, the meeting ended up going 10 minutes over. Oops. Oh well, we both felt really good about our talks and got a lot of compliments, so I guess people weren't too mad at us for going over. :) Anyways, I used the story in Exodus 16 of the manna miracle in the wilderness to begin my talk, and in the story the Lord is talking about the Sabbath day and he calls it, "the rest of the Holy Sabbath". So I based my talk around that phrase. In order to explain what the "rest of the Holy Sabbath" is, I used "rest" as an acronym. The r stood for renewing and remembering. The e stood for eliminating the distractions of the world. The s stood for spiritual feasting, and the t stood for turning tablets of stone into tablets of the heart. I got the idea one night at about 1 in the morning. It turned out great because I really received tons of inspiration on what I needed to say. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost!!!!
We got a lot of packing done this weekend. There is still quite a lot to be done, but most of it is reorganizing what was already in boxes and gathering things from the garage, kitchen, office, etc that are ours. It will be intersting to see how our apartment looks considering the fact that we have no desk, dressers, tables, kitchen table, or chairs. All we have are our beds, a couch, recliner, and a little bookshelf I got for the girls. It is kindof like starting over again. I am really sad that we gave so much away in Rexburg, or that we didn't have enough room to take our desk or my wicker furniture from Arlington, but oh well, we will make do and the Lord will help provide a way for us to get what we need.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Proud Moment

I was babysitting a little girl named Emma the other day. Emma is 4 years old. Her and Katelund had been watching a movie and at the end of the movie there was music playing. Well Emma decided that she wanted to get up and dance to the music. Katelund wanted to join in on the fun, but Emma stopped her and said, (this is an exact quote) "No, Katelund, you can't dance because you're not pretty like me". It stopped me in my tracks, but before I could intervene, Katelund said, "Yes I am, my mommy tells me I am pretty." I came in and told them that they were both pretty and I would love to watch them dance together. I guess they really do listen to everything you say.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The dogs must have a cold...

This morning Katelund came into my room and told me that the dogs wouldn't stop coughing. She thinks that when the dogs are barking they are coughing. Isn't that adorable? I didn't tell her any different because I thought it was so stinkin' cute.

Today we went to one of our last playgroups. Well I guess there will be two more. It is going to be so hard to leave all of Katelund's friends behind. She has so many little friends that are such good kids. I know there will be more in Asheville, but the ones here will be missed. Brad and Mandy told me that they haven't told Bethany that Katelund is moving yet because they are so worried about how hard it is going to be for her. I don't think that Katelund is quite to the age where she will really understand that she is leaving her friends. Her friend Kevin Ward, our friends that moved to Tennessee awhile ago, has been telling Celeste, his mom, that he doesn't want to go to nursery there because his girlfriend, Katelund, is not there. I don't think Katelund has mentioned Kevin's name since he has left. She loved him to death, but I just think she is still too young to understand. At least I am hoping and praying that it won't be hard and she won't understand.

Well the packing is coming along slowly. I do as much as I can while Cloey is asleep, because otherwise she is in to everything. Sherrie has been watching some kids from the ward the last 2 days, so Katelund has been very entertained and I have been so grateful for that. All though, she has now turned into the easy one and Cloey has become the challenge. She is just at that "get into everything" stage. Anyways, I have to go take Cory to get a drug test for CBL. Hopefully he passes. :) J/K :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Tribute to Gates Four Trashmen...

Today I spent the day over at the Mann's house packing. When I went over there I was thinking about how I really needed to find some boxes so I can really start packing things up. As I pulled into the driveway I looked over at a house down the street that just happened to have tons of moving boxes sitting by the trashcan. I ran over there, knocked on the door, asked the lady if I could use her boxes, and started carrying the boxes back to the house as fast as I could before the trashman got there. After I had carried back a couple of boxes, the trashmen pulled up and I asked them if they could just leave the boxes because I was going to use them. They told me they would and that they would carry them all over for me. I told them thanks but it would take awhile and I would just do it myself. But the one guy insisted he said, "Are you kidding, we'll get paid to watch a pretty lady work, of course we'll help you." So all three of them took huge armfuls and helped me carry them all over in just 2-3 trips. It was SOOOO nice of them. I felt so bad that I didn't have any cash on me to tip them but they told me they didn't want it anyway they just wanted to help. I was so grateful for their help. What an act of service. I would like to be that kind of person; someone so willing to help someone else even when it is completely out of my way. Thank you trashmen!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Katelund, what did you learn today in nursery?...

"I was baptized with Jesus in the lake."

500th reason not to have a dog...

Today Cory and I took the girls and the dogs on a walk. We were having a great walk until...another dog that was also on a walk approached us on the other side of the street. Both of "our" dogs went crazy and they both somehow got out of their collars/leashes. Cory ran for one and I ran for the other while Katelund stood there with Cloey (Katelund was pushing Cloey in the stroller). The dog I had, Annie "Noel", was heading straight for the other dog. I freaked out because I thought they were going to have a full on combat war. I didn't know what to do. The other dog walker was awesome though. He talked in a soothing voice and told the dogs that everything was allright (really he was calming me and making me feel like it was all going to be allright). The dogs both settled down and began licking each other. Cory sucessfully got Arthur under control and I got Annie to finally pull away from her new love (the other dog who was a boy, of course). Meanwhile there was a car waiting for us, since we were in the middle of the street when this all took place. It must have been pretty entertaining for them. I don't think the dogs will go on anymore walks with us.

Spiritually Fed Sunday

Today was a wonderful Sabbath day. We had the privilage of having the stake presidency and stake auxillary presidencies come and visit. In sacrament meeting, each of the Stake Presidency members spoke to us. President Mann spoke about what kind of member of the church we are; a sunbather (who doesn't want to get in the water, but watches others), a wader (who just gets his feet wet), or a swimmer (who immerses himself in living the gospel). Then President Catlett got up and had a brother from the ward get up and talk about his experience this week. He was assigned to be a home teacher for an inactive family in the ward. He could not get them to commit to an appointment so he went over there with his partner and mowed their lawn. He did it a couple of months, until the family finally committed to an appointment. Anyways, they started coming back to church a couple of weeks ago, and her friend was so touched that she started taking the discussions and was baptized yesterday and confirmed today in sacrament meeting. Then President Catlett got up again and spoke about how we need to be the same kind of home teacher/visiting teacher and that we need to reach out further than we are each day in the way that we live the gospel. We need to do more than read scriptures, say prayers, have family home evening, and go to the temple. We need to reach out to those around us and find ways to serve and lift those around us. It was very inspiring and uplifting. I am going to miss President Catlett SO much when we move. He will be one of the people that I miss the very most.

Singing time also went great today. I (Cory helped me a ton) created a pretend campfire with wood, orange and red iridescent wrapping paper, and a light to go underneath of it all. It looked awesome. I then created a little script of a program that consisted of little stories/exerpts of pioneer children journal entries (from the best book ever on Pioneers called "We Walked to Zion") and pioneer songs that we've learned this month. It was so fun!! I had all the children sit around the campfire on the ground, we turned the lights out and then me and Sister Curdy (a counselor in the Primary presidency) read the stories and then sang the songs in between. Sister Curdy and I dressed in pioneer clothes so that we'd look the part. The kids loved it!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

"A child shall lead them..."

Yesterday Katelund bit Cloey really hard on the hand because she took a train away from her. I had Katelund go and put her nose in the corner of the wall for time-out (the only way time-out is effective these days). She was standing there crying her eyes out and Cloey was looking at her with such concern. Cloey went across the room, picked up the train, and took it over to Katelund. I couldn't believe it. I never would've given the toy back after my sister had just bitten me so hard that it left teeth marks and a bruise. I then realized that I had just been taught by my 15 month old daughter how to truly forgive.

A Ballerina After All...

Cloey is turning into such a girly girl. She has to wear shoes (no matter how big or small they are) all the time, even with her pajamas on (sounds like someone else I know...Ethan). She also carries purses around and is constantly wanting to brush her hair or my hair (partly because of Katelund's new hairbrushing phase). She also has the cutest dance ever. Whenever there is music on she twirls around in circles. She must be practicing her ballet....(a mother can dream can't she?).

Light Bulb Moment

While reading my scriptures this morning, I learned something really cool that I never realized before. While Christ was with the Nephites, they actually prayed to him instead of the Father. Jesus said that the people prayed to him because they were with him. I thought that was an interesting thought. When we pray to the Father we do it in Jesus' name because he is the mediator between us and the Father. But while the Savior was with the people, they prayed to him and then he prayed to the Father in their behalf. Isn't that cool? I thought so.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Annie Noel..."

Whenever Katelund or Cloey get into trouble or do something they should not be doing, I always say, "Katelund Marie" or "Cloey Noel" (in my "your not supposed to be doing that" voice). Well today, Katelund went to the back door and saw the dogs playing with each other. The youngest dog, Annie, likes to bite the other dog when she plays with her. Well, Katelund freaked out (Hallelujiah; she finally realizes that biting is bad) and started yelling at the top of her lungs, "Annie Noel, stop biting" . "Annie Noel....stop it now" I was laughing my head off!!!!

Goodbye Cub Scouts

Last night was my last night in Cub Scouts in the Hope Mills 2nd Ward. We had a picnic pack meeting and played games afterwards. It was so much fun. As each of my boys got up to get their awards (that would be almost all of the boys there since I was over Wolfs and Bears) I felt such a deep love for each one. I find that I get so attached to the children that I have the privilege of serving. I had to fight back tears as I said goodbye and walked out the door. I am really not looking forward to my last Sunday in singing time either!!! It is going to be so hard to leave such an amazing group of children!! They truly have lead and guided me to walk in the light of the Savior. I feel like I am leaving my own children behind. Luckily, I know that I will still visit frequently because of Cory's family, but it will never be the same. No wonder the Lord's church is set up as it is. We have the opportunities to serve in callings in order for us to learn how to love as He loves, and I think that to a small degree we can come to understand how it must have felt when Heavenly Father had to say goodbye to each of His children.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

view of Asheville from the mall parking lot

Live and Learn

Yesterday I was completely thrown for a loop. I got my root canal finished up and then I went up to the front desk to sign out. Well, originally I was told that I was going to be one of the new dentist's free jobs to get experience. I guess that since I didn't get scheduled until she'd been there for about a month, I no longer qualified. I was told that I owe $904.00 (that is excluding the amount for the crown that I still have to get). I couldn't believe it. I never imagined it would be so expensive for a root canal. It took everything in me to keep myself from breaking down in tears right there at the receptionist's desk. I asked her if I could make payments. She said that usually they don't do that but they might be able to let me do a couple. I got out to my car and just lost it. I called Cory in hysteria as I told him how sorry I was that I didn't take better care of my tooth so I wouldn't have had to have a root canal. He calmed me down a little and told me that it would be okay and we'd figure out a way to pay it. I am still in shock and I have no idea how we can afford to pay it, but I guess it could have been worse. I am trying to not let it get me down today. So the only way I know how to do that is to joke about it. Honestly, if I would've known it would cost this much I would've pulled the tooth out myself, but I guess it is too late for that. You live and learn, right?!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Katelund's Bra

Yesterday Katelund came up to me with a bikini top of one of Brooklynn's two piece bathingsuits that now fits Cloey. She wanted me to put it on her. I said, "Why do you want to wear this, it is Cloey's bathing suit" (one that I will not let her wear!!) and Katelund said, "Mommy I have to wear it just like you do", at this point she points to my bra that I am wearing (I'd just gotten out of the shower). I put it on her and she wore it all day underneath of her shirt. I swear that I didn't tell her about Abby's bra. She picked this one up all on her own. Luckily this morning she is braless (Daddy took it off last night).

Asheville Here We Come!!!

Three more weeks and our little family will begin a whole new adventure in our lifes. I am excited, yet a little nervous and apprehensive about what awaits us and what the Lord has in store for us. The last couple of weeks are going to be either really hard or really easy for Cory. He is very anxious to change jobs and he is ready to turn over the top shop to a new manager. It is funny because I didn't even know Cory didn't really enjoy his job until yesterday. He is just one of those people that hardly ever complain about anything. He just does what he has to do and makes the best of it. Over the 6 years that we have been married, he has really had to do some not so fun jobs. I am so grateful for a husband who is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for his family, and not only that but be happy doing it. I have so much to learn from him. So for the first time in our married life, we are moving somewhere where we know absolutely nobody else. I just hope and pray that Heavenly Father will bless me and my children with good friends who will help make this move easier. I have so enjoyed living around family for the last 2 years in Texas and North Carolina. I am not so ready to give that up, but at the same time we will only be 4 hours away from Cory's family, and hopefully my family will come and visit more often (hint, hint!!!).

Yesterday I went to the dentist to get 1/2 of my root canal done. Today I go into to get the rest of it done, and then I have to go back in a couple of weeks to get a cap. The left side of my mouth is so sore this morning. I am not suprised considering the fact that I had to lay with my mouth wide open for 2 hours, but I am so thankful that it is getting taken care of. I hope I never have to have another root canal in my life (knock on wood). They are not so fun!!

Katelund has found a new interest in life, "doing hair". She sits and spends like 30 min- 1 hour brushing my hair, putting clips and "ponytails" in my hair, etc. It is SOOOO cute!!! I love it so much. She actually brushes pretty softly and it feels pretty good.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Glorified Diapers and Other Random Thoughts

This weekend is Youth Conference for our stake. Cory, Sherrie, Stefani, and John are all going. I am so jealous. Troy Dunn is going to be speaking to them and I want to be there so badly. Since becoming a mother, I am really coming to understand the story in the Bible of Mary and Martha. Many times I feel like I have to be Martha (in the kitchen preparing for the dinner) when I would much rather be Mary (listening to the Savior/one of his servants and feeling the spirit). There are blessings that come with both so I will not murmur but rather be grateful for the opportunity and blessing that I have to spend with my beautiful children (all though today they are not so happy which in turn makes it harder for me to be happy). Both girls woke up at 6 am this morning so I am hoping for a long nap from each of them.

Last night in cub scouts I did an activity about Indians. I wanted to read them an Indian (sorry, I mean Native American) folklore story but I had such a hard time finding one that was appropriate. There were so many that were about hate, killing, affairs, etc. Finally I found one about how the dog came to the Indians. It was pretty funny. I am so grateful that I don't have to tell or listen to those kind of stories or myths in order to come up with a reason for how things were created. Just knowing that Heavenly Father, His Son, and Adam created the earth is all that I need to know for now.

Yesterday I decided to just put Katelund into training underwear because the pull-up has just turned into a glorified diaper that is easier to take off when it's dirty. After cleaning up Katelund's poop off the carpet yesterday, I decided that I think I will wait a little longer. Maybe she'll be potty trained before she goes to school, then again maybe not. It is such a frusgrating SLOW process!!! Although there was a little ray of sunlight when Katelund woke up at 6 am this morning and went straight to the potty to go pee pee. I couldn't believe it, I thought to myself "she has finally caught on". The thought has since left after once again changing a glorified wet diaper a couple of hours later. What a vicious cycle it is!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


So I learned a great lesson today. Don't ever expect to learn a lot about a subject and get all into it and then expect to teach it and transfer all of that excitement and enthusiasm to a bunch of kids without getting all emotional. I was so mad at myself in senior primary because I couldn't control my emotions and finally I just had to move on to another song that wasn't about Pioneers. But on the other hand, it was awesome to teach them about the handcart companies. I told them stories, tons of factual information about the handcarts and miles traveled etc... . And they LOVED the fact that I was dressed up like a pioneer. One of the little girls that I used to teach said, "Sister Mann, you look so pretty in that dress." It was so cute!! Have I ever told anybody about how much I love my calling?!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

So tomorrow Cory and I are leaving for Asheville. I am so excited!!! I am really excited, sad, and nervous about such a big change in my life. I love change but it isn't always easy, especially since there are so many people here in Fayetteville that I will miss terribly. I just hope and pray that tomorrow as we are in Asheville, we will be able to feel and hear the Holy Ghost so that we will know for a surety whether or not we are making the right decision. I am trying really hard to not let my emotions interfere with the promptings we are trying to receive.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reflecting on the Pioneers

Today I have really been studying, reading, and reflecting on the pioneers. I am teaching pioneer songs in primary tomorrow, and since I am not sure how to go about it, I have just been reading, reading, and reading. I went to and found a whole interactive webpage where you can click on each of the different camping/significant spots along the trail and read the info on that spot and also journal entries from pioneers. I spent an hour last night and a couple hours this morning reading all of the information and crying my eyes out. What an incredible way to get into the pioneer celebrating spirit, especially since June 9th marked the 150th anniversary for the handcart companies.

Tommorrow for singing time I am going to come in the primary room all decked out in some pioneer clothes that I am borrowing from Sherrie (she had for the trek they did a couple of years ago). I am going to pretend that I am one of the pioneers that was in the Martin Handcart company. I am going to tell some stories and then teach them "The Handcart Song". It is a really good song, and it was actually written by John Daniel Thompson McAllister, a member of one of the handcart companies. I am really excited.

What an incredible heritage that we have! I couldn't even imagine what it must have been like to be one of the pioneer mothers. In talking about the pioneers in this months Ensign, President Hinckley says, "As great things were expected of them, so are they of us. We note what they did with what they had. We have so much more, with an overwhelming challenge to go on and build the kingdom of God. There is so much to do." What a great responsiblity we have. I can't wait until the day that I face those pioneers on the other side of the veil. I would love to hear there stories as I kneel before them in reverence and awe of the great sacrifices they faced and the faitih, humility, and love of the Lord which carried them each step of the way.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cloey's First Words

Cloey started saying her very first two words this week. She is saying "doggy" and "all done" (she says that when she is done eating). I am trying to teach her some sign language for the words; more, water, and food. She has got the sign for more down but she is still learning the others. It is so fun to be able to communicate with her. She is understanding more and more of what I say also, although she likes to ignore me sometimes and pretend that she doesn't understand what I'm saying when I know that she does. Her and Katelund are already beginning to conspire together about how to make trouble. It is a bad thing, but it is awfully cute. There is something so precious about two sisters getting into trouble together, it just warms my heart. ( famous last words, right?!)

400th Reason Why I'll Never Own a Dog

This morning I spent many hours cleaning the house after two muddy stinky wet dogs ran throughout it. It was so disgusting. It looks great now and the dogs even smell good after I sprayed tons of lilac febreeze on each of them.

You know as many reasons as I have come up with about why I should never own a dog, seeing how cute Katelund and Cloey are with them really makes me see why parents finally just give in.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This afternoon as I was reading my scriptures, Cloey decided that she needed to have my full undivided attention. She worked her way across the bed, over the top of me, and then rolled herself so that her head was laying on my scriptures. Then she gave me the biggest smile ever. It was so adorable. I was at the best part in the Book of Mormon (when the Savior appears to the Nephites) so it was hard to put away, but I knew that at that very moment the most important thing in the world was to give Cloey all my attention and love.
I might as well address this blog to Andrea because I don't think that anyone else takes the time to read it. Oh well, it is my diary so I guess it doesn't have to be addressed to anybody.

My 4th of July was wonderful. We spent it with Cory's family and with the Pattersons (Brother Patterson is the one that works way up there in the Pentagon for the Department of Defense). We went to the Catlett Ranch and had some target practice with some pretty incredible guns. Brother Patterson has tons of guns obviously, but he has some that are black powder guns from the Revolutionary War period and one from the Civil War. They were pretty incredible guns. I put on all of the "gear" that he had so I could pretend like I was really there and then I shot the gun. It took my breath away, it was a powerful gun. I could hardly hold it up long enough to shoot it because it was so heavy. I had so much fun. I really like to shoot guns (at paper targets only of course). I thought it was a pretty appropriate way to spend the 4th. Afterwards we all had pizza for lunch and then that night Cory and I had some fireworks that we set off here at the house for Katelund. It was a fun day.

Today Cory got a call from the Asheville mall manager. He wants Cory and I to come down on Monday and tour Asheville, then stay in a hotel that night, and then meet with him on Tuesday at the mall. The company will be reimbursing all of our food, gas, and hotel expenditures. I am so excited because Cory asked his mom if she'd watch the girls so we can go alone as a get-a-way. I can hardly wait. It is going to be a long drive but Cory and I have had lots of practice and experience with way longer drives than this one. We always have had so much fun driving across the country together. I will have to take pictures and post them so everyone can see what a beautiful area we will be living in.

This morning Katelund woke up and told me that she needed to let the dogs in to get their food. So I told her to go ahead and do it herself. So I listened from the other room as she opened the door and yelled with the cutest southern drawl I've ever heard "Aynee, cum tu beid". It was so adorable. I wish that I had it on a video tape, I would play it over and over again.

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