Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Katelund

My little Katelund has turned into my clean-up machine. She is constantly going around and cleaning each room when it gets messy. She went and cleaned her room the other day and it looked better than it did since we've lived here. I couldn't believe how organized and neat she had everything. She has got quite a talent and I am LOVING it!!!

Katelund has also started a new thing. I have been trying to teach her about choosing the right and doing what Jesus wants her to do. When she is in trouble I will ask her if that is what Jesus would want her to do. She has responded really well to it. Well on Sunday she told me that she didn't have to go to bed because Jesus said "no" and she has also been telling me that she can eat this or do that because Jesus says "yes". It is so funny!!! What do you say in response to something as cute as that?

She also has been talking non-stop about her birthday party coming up. She is consistanly telling me how she is going to have a birthday cake and birthday party and her friends are coming and she is going to get a watch and earrings (she wants her ears pierced, well at least she thinks she does). I told Cory that I can't wait for this party to come because it is all she talks about. She got a birthday card in the mail from Grandma Black and she carries it around with her everywhere!!! It is her "special birthday present"(it has a picture of a present on it). She also was using it last night when we were reading our scriptures, she said it was her "scripture power"(we sing the song "Scripture Power" alot, so she now thinks that scripture power is the name of the scriptures) and it was her turn to read. So we let her and she told about a 2 minute story about Jesus telling us to go to church and be nice, etc... It was adorable!!!

I LOVE my Katelund!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'll Never Stand Alone

Today was obviously a pretty hard day considering the fact that I am leaving about 60 of my own children (I feel like they are my children just like Helaman said he felt like the Stripling Warriors were his sons) and since I am leaving one of the best wards I have ever been a member of. One of the greatest things about the Hope Mills IInd ward is the love that the members have for one another. They are all so supportive and so humble. There really is not a lot of wealth in the ward. Most of the members are military and have sufficient for their neeeds, which makes for a really humble, loving, and giving group of sisters and brothers. I will never forget the examples and the strength of the members in this ward. I love them so much and although I may not see them again in this life (the military moves them every couple of years), I know that one day I will see them in our Father's kindgom. In closing exercises, I had the senior primary sing "A Child's Prayer" (they are incredible at this song!!!!) for the practice song. They stood on the stage and I went and sat down on the front pew in the chapel. As they sang, I felt as if I were in the presence of angels. Obviously I cried, and as I looked into each of their faces, I felt such a deep love for each one of them and I know that they will all become incredible missionaries, mothers, fathers, and church leaders. And hopefully in some way the primary songs and the testimony that I have born to them over and over again will have impacted them in some way, and hopefully they always be singing praises to their Savior. I love being a music leader!!!! It is the greatest calling on earth!!!!

I also completed my goal today of finishing the Book of Mormon. It took me 10 months to finish it this time, not the best but at least it was less than a year. I love this book so......much!!!! I couldn't imagine my life without it. Each day it gives me the strength and desire to put on my armor and fight my daily battles in overcoming temptations. I know with all of my heart and soul that this book is absolutely 100% true and was written for our day. I have come closer to my Savior through reading the Book of Mormon than I ever thought was possible. I cannot wait for the day when I can stand before Alma, Ammon, Nephi, Abinidi, Captain Moroni, the Stripling Warriors, the anti-Nephi-Lehis, Helaman, Moroni, and above all---Mormon. I love Mormon so much!!! His writtings touch my heart and capture me in a way that I cannot describe. I always know when he is abridging or putting in his input because I feel like I can feel his spirit. I know that sounds really wierd, but it is really hard to explain. I just love this book so VERY much!!!! How could anyone ever doubt its validity? As I finished the last chapter in Moroni, I laid the book on my chest and I closed my eyes and began to feel the tears well up inside. I had such an overwhelming feeling within me of the spirit testifying to me that the book that I just read is not only true but there were so many who sacrificed to make sure that we could read it today. One of my favorite songs is "I'll Never Stand Alone" from the Cumorah's Hill program. My favorite line says, " I stand with Nephi and Moroni, and Abinidi who testified in flames, I'll never stand alone." I feel the same way. How easy we have it today. I may never have to stand before someone like King Noah, but at times in my life I know that I will and have had to stand up for what I believe and it may be hard, but I know that I will never be standing alone, and that if the need may be, I too will testify in flames.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fiesta with Dora

This morning I took Katelund to go see "Hoodwinked" at the theater. It is a summer special show where they only charge $1. It was a lot of fun because Katelund got to watch the movie with her friends Bethany and Emma. They loved sitting there eating their popcorn and making comments about how funny the movie was. Afterwards, Katelund threw the tantrum of her 2 year old life as she had to say goodbye to her friends. It was not fun. She was screaming the whole way home as she was persistently trying to get out of her carseat straps. It put me in a not very good mood. She did not have a good afternoon, which means that I didn't either. I was not very happy and I knew that I needed to change my attitude, so I got down on my knees and prayed for a change of heart. I got up read some of my "Come Unto Christ" book and then I asked Katelund if she wanted to go to the store to get invitations to her birthday party next week. She had a change of attitude that very second. She was so excited to get invitation cards for her party. We went to Walmart and as I was searching for some kind of beach party card, something caught Katelund's eye, it was the Dora the Explorer cards, plates, cups, napkins, etc... She got SOOOO excited. I did not want to have Dora the Explorer as the theme, but as I was about to explain why she was not going to get those cards, I was instantly humbled as the Holy Ghost reminded me that it was HER birthday not mine. So I broke down and got the whole shabang. A girl in love with Dora is only 3 once!!! So next Thursday we are having a beach party/fiesta with Dora.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Love to See The Temple

I love to see the temple, I went in side last night. I felt the Holy Spirit, I listened and I prayed. That is my new version to the song. What an incredible night I had last night. I LOVE going to the temple so much!!! I learned so many new things last night. It just amazes me how each time I go I learn something new, it never fails. The Lord really blessed us because Cory got off work a little late so I didn't think we'd make it because Cory's parents were driving and they told us they'd wait as long as they could. We just barely made it and then we were worried that we wouldn't make it in time for the session, but we did.

Katelund did not want us to leave. She kept saying, "Mommy, don't leave me, I want to go to the temple too." I kept telling her that in 9 yrs she could go with us, but for some reason that didn't pacify her. :) I cannot wait (well actually I can cause I don't want her growing up too quickly) for the day that I can see my own daughter experience the temple. That must be the ultimate life experience, seeing your children go through the temple and being all together as a family in the celestial room. What a day that will be!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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