Wednesday, February 28, 2007

5 More Things I LOVE....

After I wrote my list of 25, I began to clean my house and I couldn't help but think of other things that I forgot to put on my list. A couple of them are very significant so I cannot leave them off of the list.
26. his laugh and how contagious it is!!! I also absolutely think it is adorable when he laughs at his own jokes.
27. how surprisingly romantic he is (i.e. fixing me candle lit dinners with rose petals sprinkled all over, washing my hair in the bubble bath while feeding me chocolate covered strawberries, writing me love poems, etc...)
28. the way that he can pack a car like no other!!!!
29. how much he loves the youth and how much they love him also
30. how much he loves my robot dance! :)

25 Things That I Love About Cory

1. his testimony
2. his love and excitement for life
3. what an incredible daddy he is
4. his constant drive and desire to be the best
5. his love and respect for his parents
6. when he throws me over his shoulder and swings me around
7. when he makes me laugh harder than I ever thought I could
8. when he lets me win every once in a while in Phase 10
9. what a social butterfly he is ( I finally found my match)
10. how he walks around the chapel before church starts and talks to almost everyone in the room before he ever sits down.
11. how much he loves Captain Moroni
12. he can make the best breakfast in the world!!!
13. apparently he is the only one that can brush the girl's teeth (it is quite a fight for me when he is out of town)
14. how he loves it when I give him pedicures and when I floss his teeth.
15. how he puts Katelund to sleep everytime she lays on his chest and he brushes her hair.
16. how he tears up at special moments (i.e. when Cloey and Katelund were born, at our sealing, at Grandpa Child's funeral, and occasionally while bearing his testimony of his love for the Savior.
17. how everyone he works with absolutely loves him.
18. the fact that he thinks he can run a 5k in 23 minutes (only time will tell, Cory)
19. how he takes the girls out when they are fighting/crying/screaming at church so that I can enjoy the meeting.
20. his love for every sport (although I don't like the fact that he can occasionally beat me in tennis).
21. his incredible way of dealing with stress and easing my burdens when I think that life is coming to an end.
22. the fact that he will rub my arthritic knees and sore running calves every night if I asked him to.
23. what an incredible cook, cleaner, packer, and organizer he is (basically he shows me up anytime he doesn't anything domestic).
24. his competitive spirit (even though we hardly ever win at couple's Rook--even when we cheat).
25. his love for reading and his street smarts (an area I am definitely lacking in)

Friday, February 23, 2007


Today is my last day in Fayetteville. I have been here since last Thursday night. I have had such a fun time. I forgot how much I love it here. It was so wonderful to see grandparents, catch-up with old friends, give hugs to the kids I used to teach at church, and have fun running around and hanging out with my incredible mother and sister-in-law. It is always so hard to say good-bye, but luckily it won't be for too long because I have already made plans to come back this summer. I am excited to get back home to Cory though. He told me that he has been really lonely without his girls. :)

Katelund is not so excited about going back to "her Asheville". She has absolutely loved being at the center of her grandparent's world. She had a whole list of things that she wanted to do with Grandma when she came. They watched princess movies while eating popcorn, read books, danced, and snuggled (that was a must on Katelund's list). She also got spoiled by her Aunt Stefi, who got her a whole bunch of beautiful new earrings. Grandpa also spoiled her with attention and candy.

Cloey couldn't have been happier than when she was getting attention from Grandpa. It was very sweet. What can I say, she just loves her grandpas. She was also very spoiled at night because Stefani snuck into her room everynight and took her into her bed to sleep with her.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leadership Training Highlights

Today I went to the Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast. It was incredible!!! I really felt like it was just for me. There were so many things that were said that I felt I needed to learn. One of the things that I loved was when Elder Holland was talking about students (particularly children and youth) who do not act interested or who are resenting that fact that you are trying to teach them. He said that when the kids are unresponsive, just love them. "You can love them today and they can learn tomorrow."

When Elder Holland stressed the importance of not trying to pack too much material into a lesson, I think he was talking to me. I feel like sometimes in my teaching I am trying to get in as much as I can and I sometimes feel like I am rushing. He said, "An unrushed atmosphere is absolutely essential for the Spirit to teach and the students to learn."

I also had a lot of my questions and concerns answered in their group discussion of what it means to teach by the spirit. I often wonder how much to prepare and how much not to prepare so that I will be receptive and open to the promptings of the Spirit. I feel like I understand the concept a whole lot better now and I feel like I now know how to prepare to speak in stake conference.

My absolute favorite part of the whole thing was when Elder Holland gave the #5 to the gift of teaching. It is to "testify of the truths we've taught". He told a story about a Sunday School teacher who taught the 15 year olds. He made a very big impression on his students and it was said of him that "we could have warmed our hands by the fire of his faith." Elder Holland said that we need to share with every student the fire of our faith and "never let our faith be difficult to detect." He also said that "you don't dazzle them with how brilliant you are, but dazzle them with the brilliance of the gospel." And then my very favorite line of the whole thing was...
"Teach them, but above all TESTIFY to them."

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Tonight we were reading scriptures as a family in 3 Nephi chapter 13. It was Katelund's turn to read so I would tell her a couple of words and she would then repeat them back. She was reading about having two masters and how you can't serve God and Mammon. After she read the scripture, I stopped her so I could explain what we just read. I said to her, "Katelund who do you serve, God or Mammon?" She then said with confidence, "Mammon." It was so funny!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Sister, My Friend

Last night I sat down to eat dinner with Katelund and Cloey (Cory had already left to go and play basketball at the church). After we prayed I just started eating away and then about a minute later I noticed that they really weren't eating and then Cloey started saying, "spoon please". I felt so bad, I had totally forgotten to get them silverware. I was telling them how sorry I was and Katelund said to me, "Don't be sorry Mommy, it's okay." How sweet is that!!!

Cloey is so funny. She dresses herself everyday (after I have already dressed her of course). She puts a shirt(s) and/or a skirt around her waist or her neck. It is so hilarious!!! She gets really upset if you try to take them off of her. I thought Katelund was bad about changing her outfit 3-4 times during the day, but I think Cloey just might top her, although I don't think either one of them will ever top me. :)

I am so thankful for the moments when Katelund and Cloey play together and get along. There is no greater joy to me than to see my two little girls laughing, hiding, giggling, and getting into trouble together. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent us to families where we could have sisters. I have so many fond memories of me and my own sisters. I love both of them very much.

I have really spent a lot of time lately thinking about Andrea. I have really been worrying and praying a lot for her this week. I know that she is going to be fine (especially now that I know all about the test she is taking and the possibilities for diagnosis; thanks to my wonderful neighbor Beth who is studying medicine), but I can't help but let my mind wonder off to the possibilities of the worst-case scenarios. I am not trying to be negative or come across as fearful, but I have just really been thinking about how much impact and influence Andrea has on me. I consider her one of my very best friends!!!! I don't think I can go a single day without talking and consulting with her about her opinion and/or advice for every single trivial matter in my life. She always has a way of putting things into perspective for me. She also has an amazing way of bringing me comfort and hope like nobody else can (besides Cory of course). I couldn't imagine my life without Andrea in it. I know that she is not going anywhere because her mission is far from over. She has so much to give to this world and to everybody around her. It is so funny how somebody who drove me the most crazy as a child could turn out to be the person who brings me so much joy and serenity as an adult. I love you Andrea with all of my heart!!!!! I know that everything is going to be just fine, but I also need you to know how truly amazing you are to me. Thank you for being such an incredible sister and friend!!!!

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