Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January in Pictures

For some reason when I tried putting the journaling under the pictures, it just messed everything up. So sorry about the weird stuff under the pictures and you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the post for the journaling.

Picture 1...Near the beginning of January, I had a run in with...well it's kindof a funny and embarrassing story. I probably shouldn't put in my blog, but I wanted to post it so that I won't forget...although I don't think I ever will. It was my first busted lip ever. Thankfully, it healed within a week's time.

Picture 2...For some little girls, a baby high chair is used as a baby's high chair. But then there is Hailey. To her, it is just one more step stool to get to something out of reach.

Picture 3...Last week, my sweet friend Alison was admitted to the hospital. She is seriously my hero. She is going through chemo for her third time. She is a complete inspiration to me and I feel so incredibly BLESSED to have her as a friend.

Picture 4...This picture was taken at the mall's play center. Hailey is at the perfect age for it. She loves all of the slides and ladders. But, I get a lot of worried looks from other mothers around me as she attempts to climb over and jump from all the things she shouldn't be. I think it's a great place for her to get some energy out. Besides, soft equipment and a bouncy floor is a lot better than a hard wood floor at our house or a dresser that almost fell on top of her. Seriously, everyday I pray for her safety.

Picture 5...Here is the dresser that almost fell on her awhile back. It is actually positioned so that if it falls, the crib will block it from falling all the way to the ground. I have had to "Hailey proof" her entire room. We also had to install latches on the tops of all of our doors because she figured out how to unlock the deadbolts and one day she was found by one of our neighbors in the street a couple houses up from us. It pretty much scared us to death!! I can only imagine what my neighbors must be thinking. They already think we are crazy for having four children and now I can't even manage the ones I have?! She has actually attempted to open the latches with a broom (yes, she is way too smart!) but luckily, she couldn't quite get it.

Picture 6...This is one of Katelund's school assignments that she brought home from last week. If you look closely you will notice that she got all of the questions right, except the very last one. Whenever she gets an answer wrong on her assignments, I make her redo them or I go over it with her to reinforce what she's learning. But not this time, this time I couldn't stop laughing. Read the question and then her answer. Seriously...stupid question, stupid answer, right?! I loved her response. If I was her teacher I would've given her bonus points just for being so stinkin' cute.

Picture 7...Here is proof that Cory's toes look great with nail polish and a flower sticker. He's caved in and finally just come to terms with the fact that having four little girls and a wife who loves to give pedicures...means he will sometimes get his toes painted. Don't worry, we take it off after we laugh our heads off and get pictures.

Picture 8...I was actually quite impressed with how well she put the lipstick on. Way to go Hailey, too bad you are like 14 years away from wearing lipstick.

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