Thursday, February 09, 2012

{Day 9}

I love...

...sunshine!!! Yesterday I ran during the day while pushing my babies. Usually we run while it is still dark outside so I really enjoyed doing it later in the morning. There is just something therapuetic and revitalizing about sunshine. It is the greatest anti-depressant medicine ever (and so symbolic as well...the Son being the ultimate anti-depressant and rejuvinator). When I was living in Rexburg while I was in college, I would got so depressed during the long winter months. All I wanted was a day of sunshine, or even just a couple of minutes. It got so bad that I actually started going to a tanning bed so that I could at least get some artificial sun. Pretty lame, I know. Besides the awesome tan I got, I learned real quick that nothing compares to the real thing (again, SO symbollic!!). So, today I am loving sunshine (and sweet sleeping babies of course).

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