Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{day 28}

I love...

...writing poems. They are not that great, but I love to write them... especially when it is for someone else.

I went to a baby shower last night and since I got her cute little cowboy boots for her baby boy (this is her first time to live in the south) and a little baby "pedicure set" (okay, so it's really just a grooming kit, but whatever) I just had to come up with something to tie it all together. So here is the poem I came up with.

Your two little feet pushing me from within,
Soon will be ready for their journey to begin.

Adventures will await you and many distances you will go,
But the most important miles will be the ones that lead you home.

Sometimes you may fall, but as your guided by my hand,
Your pace will surely quicken and in holy places you’ll learn to stand.

One day black shoes you will shine and a name tag you will wear,
When your journey takes you far from home, as the gospel you will share.

Then your feet will lead you onward as your sealed for eternity,
And one day they’ll be shaking as your own babe is placed upon your knee.

But for now my little Bentley, let me kiss those toes so sweet,
For someday the world will be better because of your two feet.

Here's one I came up with a couple of months back for a wedding shower (for the gift I gave her really cute cleaning gloves with a list of Martha Stewart cleaning tips, a cookie spatula with a little mini cookie cook book, and a reusable shopping bag...all things that have to do with your hands)

With every toilet you scrub and sink that you’ll clean,
May these gloves protect you against germs unseen.

For your role as a woman, will soon be made clear,
To clean up disasters of those you hold dear.

With the spatula in hand, many cookies will await,
As your family will gather and memories you’ll create.

Cleaning and baking are just two of many things,
For your hands will stay busy with the duties life brings.

But in the monotony of the chores, may you always find,
Your hands as a reminder of promises that bind.

For as you kneel at the altar in just a few days,
Your hands clasped together, your hearts set ablaze,

You will covenant with the Lord and then united you’ll stand,
Living worthy of promises for those who have clean hands.


Staceroo said...

Your poems are BEAUTIFUL - uplifting, witty, and heartfelt. I mean, when you can turn cleaning gloves into a beautiful gift that makes you ponder the eternal, just by your words, then you know you've got a special talent.

The Allphins said...

You have such a gift for writing. I especially loved Bentley's poem. It made me cry (either because it was touching or because I'm pregnant...we'll say for both reasons).

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