Friday, February 24, 2012

{day 22}

I love...

...the many things I am constantly learning from my children.

Yesterday as I watched Hailey try to put her shirt on all by herself (for seriously like 10 minutes), I watched with a smile on my face as I admired her determination and then as I continued to watch I was completely humbled.

The last couple of days I have been feeling so overwhelmed. I just feel like I am running around in circles trying to keep up with managing a house and taking care of four children. Unfortunately, the house management part has really been suffering. I just can't get ahead of all the never-ending chores on my list. It has just really been getting to me. I keep putting these unrealistic expectations on myself and it just leaves me feeling completely frustrated. As I watched Hailey and how persistantly she tried over and over again to get that shirt on correctly, it reminded me of myself, only completely different. It reminded me of my own struggles right now and yet, I am not the patient determined Hailey, many times (most the time) I am the frazzled impatient one who just wants to take the shirt off, throw it on the ground, and scream at the top of my lungs.

Yesterday, my older sister so lovingly reminded me that I don't have to do everything and be everything. She said all the right things and all the things that I so desperately needed to hear. So today, I am going to take this "shirt" and put it on the best way I can and happily move forward. Just like Hailey, someday I'll be able to put it on effortlessly, but for now, I'll just keep trying to figure it out. Even if that means wearing it around my neck or with one arm out because I know that on the days that I do figure it out it feels amazing. There is just no greater feeling than knowing that you have accomplished something hard, something that somedays just simply feels impossible.

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Melanie Anne said...

oh what a both are:) hang in there melissa! You are a wonderful Mother and person--but sometimes being a MOmmy of a big family is overwhelming and exausting! I remember when my last two were both babies (not quite as close as yours--but similiar)--it was hard some days, but before you know it they will be dressing themselves and not so dependant on you. I will keep you in my prayers today! I hope today is a happy one! xoxo

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