Thursday, February 02, 2012

"I love..." Series {Day 1 & 2}

In an effort to be more diligent about blogging, I am going to try something different and fun for the month of February. Each day I am going to write about something I love. Who knows, you may learn some new things about me. Since I am starting a day late, I will start off with two today.

Day 1

I love pearls. My pearl necklaces and earrings are my very favorites. I don't have real pearls, but hopefully someday I will. For now, I am totally content with all the many different kinds of pearl necklaces I have. I'm pretty sure I have about 5 or 6 different ones. I usually don't wear them just for everyday wear, but I love to wear them on special occasions or to church on Sunday. Not only do I love the way that they look, I also love this story. When I was serving in young women, I gave a copy of that story to all the laurels and then I gave them a pearl bracelet (plastic ones) to remind them of the eternal and celestial treasures or "real pearls" that are awaiting them. Awhile back I had felt impressed to buy another fake pearl bracelet at Old Navy. One day later, my friend told me how her daughter wore her pearl bracelet every single day and how she had just barely lost it and was so disappointed. I couldn't believe it! I knew exactly why I had felt impressed to buy it. It was a pretty amazing experience, and it has only increased my love for all things pearl.

Day 2

I love to take bubble baths. It is seriously one of my cure-alls (I have two others which I will save for another day). Had a bad day? Take a bubble bath. Feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Take a bubble bath. Need to escape from crying babies and fighting children? Take a bubble bath. Need to have some time to just think? Take a bubble bath. Oh the list goes on and on. I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER live in a house without having a bath tub in the master bath. It's just a necessity for me. One of the very best Valentine's Days ever was when Cory and I lived in Rexburg and I was pregnant with Katelund. He had me go into our bedroom for about an hour. Meanwhile, he made an amazing dinner and prepared everything else. After we ate our delicious dinner on china and with candles and roses on the table, he then excitedly led me upstairs to a candlelit bathroom with rose petals all over the ground leading to the bathtub where he had floating candles and rose petals adorning the bubbly warm water. But wait, it didn't end there. As I soaked in the most luxurious bathtub ever, he sat on the side and rubbed my feet, washed my hair, and fed me chocolate covered strawberries (which I threw up about 20 minutes later). Hmmmm...maybe that is where my obsession with bubble baths came from. MAYBE he will do it again this Valentines...a girl can dream right?!

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