Wednesday, February 08, 2012

{Day 8}

I love... I found Cloey sleeping the other night. About an hour prior to this picture, Cloey had been upset and crying because she was scared and thinking about bad things (stupid friend's birthday party where the mother decided it would be funny to scare the kids and tell them about bloody mary...seriously!!?? I'm still upset about it, can you tell?). I told her to say a prayer and sing some primary songs or recite the articles of faith in her head. Then I went back downstairs with Cory. When I came up a little while later to check on her and found her like this, I may...just may...have shed a tear or two. :)


Destinee said...

That is so very sweet! Put a tear in my eye too.
I cannot believe the bloody mary.
What the heck!

Mary in NC said...

That is the most precious picture!

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