Tuesday, February 07, 2012

{Day 6}

I love...

...decorating and celebrating. I spent the day yesterday preparing for Hailey's ladybug birthday party last night. It was so much fun! My friend, Jenae, made the ADORABLE ladybug cake. She made it at my house so that she could teach me as she did it. I think I could really get into cake decorating. At least it's a little less intimidating to me now. (Jenae is the girl with her head sticking into the picture with the cake.) we had four families over to celebrate with us. It was a great party! Lots of laughing, food, and even a personal concert by my friend's daughter, Hannah, who just released her first single on iTunes. She's AMAZING!!!

When my older girls got home from school, the really wanted to be involved in the decorating so I had them make the black ladybug spots to cover the backdoors and front door. They had such a great time doing that while I got all the food ready. We served all of Hailey's favorite foods; pizza, chicken bites, black olives, licorice, strawberries (I posted a pic of the "ladybugs" that I made on the strawberry plate with the olives for heads), valentine sugar cookies, m&ms, and cherry 7 up.

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