Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day is....

A rose delivered to our sweet neighbor next door who lives alone and my girls helping me finish off my secret Valentine project with a "heart attack".

A special dinner at the "Love Restaurant".

Looking out the window while making dinner and talking to my Grandma and seeing the people who mean everything to me.

A surprise "Valentine bath" at the "Love Spa" waiting for my girls after dinner.

An amazing massage for Cory after the girls were in bed.

A small gift waiting on the girls pillows after they got home from school.

Flowers from Cory that said everything and so much more. (Click here if you want to read why pink tulips mean so much to me.) Plus a card that made me bawl like a baby.

Valentine's Day is all about the small things. The small moments and gestures that remind me of what is most important. The small things that make my heart swell up and burst with joy.

And just because it was SO FUNNY, here is a comment made by Cloey yesterday while we were driving...
Cloey "Mommy what is that guy called that shoots his arrow at you and if it hits you, you fall in love?"
Me: "Cupid?"
Cloey: "Yes, cupid. Well I think he hit me with his arrow because I'm in love with _____ (I promised her that I would keep it a family secret). :)


Melissa said...

Melissa! You are the cutest Mom and wife! I love the bubble bath idea & the little presents on their pillows. I'll have to do that next year. I love the conversation with Cloey! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Melissa....but, this Valentine's Day was different for me. I had a paradigm shift. Usually on Valentine's Day, I spend the whole day waiting for what I'm going to get. Isn't that horrible? This year I changed my focus onto others instead of myself, and I ended up having the best V Day I've ever had. Isn't funny how that works? :)

Melanie Anne said...

What a sweet day! I love how you made your family feel so loved and special! And I am glad you got your sweet pink tulips--I remember that post:) happy Vday to you!!

Carrie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! It is a great day isn't it. :) I remember the roses too...Cloey is in love?! How cute is that. That boy better watch out because she is a little heart breaker!!!

Carrie said...

I meant tulips not roses...I don't know why I even said roses because I am a daisy girl myself...We had tulips at Bi-Lo and I thought of you. :)Any who! You know what I meant right?

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