Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why I think this baby is a boy...

Reason #1
There just can't be any other explanation as to why this pregnancy is making me SO STINKING SICK!!! It's ridiculous. Usually I am over my "morning" sickness by week 14. I am now 18 weeks along and TWICE this week I have projectile vomited all over EVERYTHING!! I'm not kidding. In fact, it happened last night. I just couldn't make it from my bed to the bathroom in time....therefore, I ended up spending the next hour with Cory (he truly is a saint) cleaning baseboards, walls, doors, and steam cleaning our MESS of a carpet. It was disgusting and horrible. The only explanation is that boys are so foreign to my body that all that testosterone is making me sick. Or....maybe this is my body's way of telling me that this is IT, the last pregnancy that my body can handle!! Of course there is always the possibility that it is another girl who is power packed with a lot of hormones (because heaven knows we are lacking in hormones and emotions around our house...yes, that is totally dripping with sarcasm) Yes, it is all worth it and I know, oh how I know, that it could be WAY worse. But being sick and changing dirty diapers all day is just not the best combination...especially when there seems to be no end in sight. On the bright side, I feel great in the middle of the day. It's just the morning and night.

Reason #2

I have been asked to be in charge of decorating for our ward's Boy Scout fundraiser on April Fool's Day. It is a ward activity and then some because they want this to be a huge event for the boys. Although at first I was a little bit confused as to why they would ask me (considering the fact that I have NO IDEA how to decorate for boy stuff) and since I don't have a boy scout myself, I came to the conclusion that this is all preparatory for the boy in my belly. It totally makes sense, right?! Or....maybe it is to prepare for all of my Eagle Scout son-in-laws. Who knows, but either way, I am SO EXCITED about it, especially since they told me to "go big". Those are my favorite words when it comes to decorating. My creative juices are flowing like crazy. Hmmm...maybe those creative juices will be the cure for my nausea.

Reason #3

I have been wearing A LOT of blue this pregnancy. This has to be my most logical reason. Don't you think??

Stay tuned because tomorrow is the big day!!!! THINK TAIL!!!!


Carrie said...

Tomorrow is the day!?! I can't wait to see. Have you had any dreams about which it is? I had a strange dream that Jake was a boy and I woke up going huh? Then a little while I had a totally normal, comforting dream that he was a boy...and he was! Dreams are a good way to tell I think. :)
I think it is a a a boy...I have no idea!!! I will be waiting on pins and needles to find out! :)

Carrie said...

Okay. I am officially going with boy. :)

Crystal said...

I am so excited for you guys. I will be checking all day so make sure you post it as soon as you can!!!!! I don't have a gues but you do make very adorable baby girls!

The Allphins said...

I'm so excited to hear! I better not have to check for a blog post all day to find out what you're having... ;)

Melissa said...

Well my appointment isn't until 1:45 so I probably won't post it until late afternoon. I'll text you Katie.

Laura said...

I totally think that boys and girls do different things to our bodies! This baby boy pregnancy has been so easy for me! I was sick until week 12 and I have felt wonderful since. With Riley, I was sick as a dog until 23 weeks! And I was still way picky on what I could eat until I had her. YUCK! I hope it doesn't last that long for you! Maybe you have a good environment for girls and I have a good environment for boys. If its a different feeling pregnancy, I am guessing it's a boy! Can't wait to find out! Have fun at the ultrasound!!

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