Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sense of Community

*Yesterday I was reading a particular comment that a friend made on a blog. She expressed her feelings about the need to broaden our definition of community in terms of how and whom we help. She made this comment in reference to her sister who is doing this wonderful thing. She has signed up to be a sponsor for a little boy named Karl who lives in India and is part of the Rising Star program (click here if you want to read more about this). Although I have not contributed money to this, I think it is a wonderful thing and I am all about passing along the word to others.

*This morning Katelund asked me to write a check out for $1000 to turn in for Jump Rope for Heart. She talked to me about how we will help save lives by doing so AND if she is one of the top sellers in the school she gets to be on Extreme Homemakeover (they are building a home here close to us in Georgia this week). So, I sent her and Cloey to school with a check for $10.

*There is a family that belongs to our church who was without a heater for the winter. So Cory gave them our little portable heating unit so that at least one room could be warm.

*When we hear about all of the countries across the world who are trying to overthrow their governments and create change within their country, we say our prayers for them and thank God for the freedom in which we are so blessed with in our own country.

*Last week when the girls' school did a can drive for families in need, the girls took bags full of cans.

*As my heart yearns to be in the school on a more regular basis volunteering in my children's classrooms and working for PTA, I just can't bring myself to drop Hailey off at someone's house for hours during the week. She is MY baby and she will grow up WAY too quickly. So for now, I will volunteer not as regularly but still play a very active role in my children's education.

*Recently, when I found out about the education disaster that is happening in Texas, I wanted to pack my bags and protest on the steps of the capitol building. But instead, I listened and comforted my sister as she told me about all of her concerns and fears for her job in the school and for her children's education.

*As I watch the decline in morality and virtues all around me, I hold my children a little tighter and use every opportunity to teach them what is right.

*Yesterday as I watched Oprah (well only the first half, the other half was not something I cared to watch) and folded clothes, I was brought to tears by the generosity of two older sisters who have a kitchen in Nashville where they spend their days cooking and taking food to the homeless, less fortunate, or home bound. Then I cried even harder as Oprah surprised them with Kroger's gift of filling their kitchen with food for a year.

I would LOVE to do something like this in my city. I would love to donate millions of dollars to children in India, Africa, and every other poverty stricken country. I would love to donate $1000 to wonderful organizations like Jump Rope for Heart. I'd love to buy heating units, change education, raise my voice in political circles, provide food for a family for a year, etc.... But I can't.

What I CAN do are the small things, and maybe someday I can even do something big. Something that will change somebody's life or even just make it a little bit better. In the meantime, my sense of community is mostly centered around my little family and what happens within the walls of my home. Yes, I probably should broaden my sense of community, but when all is said and done, there is NOTHING so wonderful or so great that I can do that could compensate for failure within my own home and with my own children. So for now, I'll spread the word, donate $10 here and there, give cans, volunteer when I can, pray, teach, and make my little community the best that it can be.


kristi lee said...

You make me smile! I like to think that I'm deep in the trenches of the beginning of my own little community. It reaches beyond this life and into the eternities. We help others along the way but my heart and soul is with my personal community. I loved the article from the Ensign this month called "The Power of Early Preparation." Just deepened my resolve to do what I'm doing here even better and with greater purpose.

Thanks for the deep thoughts on a Friday afternoon.

Melissa said...

I love this post!

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