Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful and Not So Beautiful

Tonight we went to a baptism. Just like all convert baptisms, it was so wonderful to be part of and to see the joy and excitement on this brother's face. In fact, he even took a couple of minutes to bear his testimony at the end. At the very end, he said, "I am really looking forward to enduring to the end." It was beautiful.

But, that wasn't the only beautiful part of the baptism. The other beautiful part happened on our row as I looked over and saw Katelund. Prior to the baptism, I had told her that she should really pay attention to what happens so that she can begin to plan out who she wants to speak at her own baptism and what songs she wants to be sung. So during the baptism she opened up the program and began to write her own program. It was so sweet and so exciting for her. I can't believe that my first little baby girl will be 8 in six more months. During the entire baptism, Katelund's face was beaming as she thought about her very own special day with much anticipation.

The other beautiful part was during the Restoration Presentation given by the missionaries after the actual baptism took place. The Elder started to recount the First Vision and as he did so, Cloey leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I love this story." It was such a sweet moment....beautiful indeed.

But all beautiful moments must come to an end. And mine surely did once I smelt Hailey's poopy diaper and had to run out of the room asap before I threw my dinner up all over everybody.


Sherrie said...

I can see Hailey's just keeping it real for you. What a beautiful day!

The Allphins said...

Oh that's lovely. Good thing you made it out the door!

That's so exciting that Katelund's getting baptized soon and that she's so excited.

Carrie said...

I can't believe Katelund gets baptized this year! I totally forgot that. Jake is going to be 10...I can't even believe a decade has gone by...
Your girls are so sweet. Don't moments like that make you realize you must be doing something right. :)
Love the Hailey's keeping it real comment by Sherrie. :)

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