Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thank you Mr. Notary

I had to get a paper notarized today. As I was driving, I saw a sign outside of a little office building that said, "Notary inside". I went inside and asked the man behind the desk if I could get something notarized. He told me he could do that. After we got it all done, I asked him how much I owed. He told me that it was no big deal and to not worry about it. I told him that I'd really like to pay him ( I know that with the economy the way that it is these days that his small business was probably suffering just like every other one). He told me that they didn't take debit cards but if I had three bucks that I could pay him if I really wanted to. I did not have any cash on me. He told me to not worry about it but that if someday I have it and pass by then I could pay him then.

Well since I am leaving Asheville in like 4 days, I knew that I needed to go pull some cash out of the bank. I went to the bank and a couple of other places then I drove back by on my way home. I ran inside really quickly and as soon as he saw me and my three dollars he said to me, "No, no... I really didn't expect you to ever pay me...please don't." I told him that I really wanted to pay him in order to thank him for his kindness. But then he looked at me so sincerely and said, "Can't a guy just do a nice thing for you?" I seriously wasn't going to take back that money for the life of me but the way that he looked at me and asked me that question, I just knew that it would mean way more to him if I would'nt pay him then if I did. So I thanked him and left.

He really made an impact on me. After listening to conference this last weekend, this man just reaffirmed to me what being a Christian is all about. It is showing kindness, service and selflessness to everyone around you. It means to stand as a witness of Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places. I am so grateful for the good people around me who teach me through their examples how to be more like Christ. Thank you Mr. Notary. Your act of kindness will be one that I will never forget. Although it was only $3, it was a pricelss act of charity from a man with a pure and selfless heart.


Carmen said...

What an amazing story. You're right, that is something that is unforgetable...thank you so much for posting that. And thank you Mr. Notary man for your example. :)

Andrea said...

Great story.

Your tulips look GREAT!

Destinee said...

I love it!

Carrie said...

I think the economy being bad is at times a blessing...we are all aware of each others needs more than usual. What a nice man and such a sweet story. I am going to miss you Melissa.

deana said...

Sometimes we forget to let others serve us. Remember when you brought me a cherry slushie from Sonic when I was pregnant and sick? I will always remember your act of kindness and how good it was! We cannot block others blessings. Let them show service. We can always use a little help and kindness from time to time.I have really had to do this alot lately. I also have learned from this.

Amber said...

How very sweet! It's always harder for me to receive service than it is for me to give it. I think those that can accept service so easily have a great gift.

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