Tuesday, April 14, 2009

never-ending Easter egg hunts

Since Katelund hasn't officially started at her new school yet (she is really on Spring Break this week), her and Cloey having been spending their time playing in empty boxes and Easter egg hunting. We did about 6 different hunts on Sunday (switching back and forth with the girls hiding them from Cory and I and then me and Cory hiding them from the girls). The girls played by themselves yesterday and then we did it again as a family for part of Family Home Evening last night. Then this morning....they are at it again. Who'd have thought that 25 empty Easter eggs would entertain my children for so long. Sweet.

By the way, these pictures show how my children dress themselves. Cloey is always wearing something that doesn't match...as long as it includes a skirt, she is good. Katelund has been doing her own hair lately (she thinks that one side ponytail is the coolest look ever...I promise I don't do her hair or my hair like that). I figure that while they are just at home that they can wear whatever they want (they have been averaging about 20 outfits/day...that is NOT an exaggeration....okay maybe they did get that one from me....but only when I have what Cory calls a "clothes crisis". Does anyone else have those? I seem to get them a lot on Sunday mornings. I will leave for church with about 10 different outfits on my bed that I changed in and out of. Pathetic, I know.


Lena said...

Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a huge pile of clothes on my bed on Sundays. I've earned not to ask Peter what he thinks about an outfit because I think he might say anything just so I won't change again...

I didn't even think about the kids playing with the eggs again! I'm going to plant that seed in their minds.

Carmen said...

Um yeah, you are not alone. :)
The worst part for me -with going back and forth over church clothes- is that I never put them away before church...I seem to "run out of time." (Probably from changing too many times). So when I come home, I can't really lay down for a nap b/c I have clothes all over the place. ;)

Cute idea with the Easter egg hunting!
And I hope you guys are able to get somewhat settled in your new house. :)

Austyn said...

melissa! you were in my dream last night! it was so vivid right when i woke up but now i can't remember a single thing. we were probably doing something incredibly awesome though...like changing our outfits 50 times. i think all women do that one. the ironic thing is that i have no more space for even one shirt to hang in the closet and i still have nothing to wear.

oh well. but you always look cute and so do your girls. how is tennessee?? now when people use that pickup line: "are you from tennessee, cause you're the only ten i see," you can totally ruin it for them and be like "yeah, actually i am."


The Allphins said...

That's funny, this is Jason by-the-way. Just a few days ago I had to take Katie home in the middle of the school day to change because she didn't like her outfit. When we got home that night I found a huge pile of clothes on the bed. It must run in the family.

Patti said...


Your girls are so darling. They are sooo girly! Allison is so similar...her things are everywhere!!!! It's almost unbelievable, except that it is really happening. I love Katelund's hair-do! I like your "rule" that when you're home the girls can wear what they'd like and do their hair how they'd like. Allison and I have a deal -- bows in the hair only on Friday and Sunday. The rest of the time, no ribbons! I try to sneak the ribbons in still.

Ashlie said...

I have, many time, changed in and out of things that by the time I actually get to church I'm exhausted! Nice to know I'm not a lone. By the way, side ponytails on little girls... SO cute. Bringin' back the 80's. lol LOVED the pictures of Easter especially with the girls at Clairisa's resting place. You have such a humbleness about you that I wish I had!

The Allphins said...

Yep, it's true. I frequently have clothes crises...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

Mandy said...

Not pathetic...true of most women, I think. And Katelund's one side ponytail thing is one of Bethany's favorite things, too! She loves it! ( I think they've seen the teenagers doing it. :)

Marian C. Hobson said...

We can relate to the neverending Easter Egg Hunts and the one sided ponytail reigns in my house too, although Em makes sure to pull over as much hair as possible so she really does look like the teenagers:)!

Melissa...hope all is well in TN!

I think I will always think of you when I hear a talk by Elder Bednar.... this one I heard this morning was particularly touching to my heart... it made me feel like I was on the right track... and challenged me to be better..


hope that link works...if not it's on byuradio.org address about being quick to observe.

Jenna said...

haha-the clothes crisis-all too familiar with me! Nice to know I am not the only one!

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