Saturday, April 25, 2009

My heart melts {FOUR} you!

Yesterday, Cloey turned four. So in honor of her and the four years she has blessed our life, I decided to list four things about her that completely melt my heart.

1. She is completely enamored with her big sister. At about 9 am everyday (an hour after we drop Katelund off at school) she asks me, "Is it time to pick Katelund up at the bus stop?"

2. She tells me that she is in love with her Daddy. Cloey used to be a total mommy's girls, but lately the tables are turning. I'm pretty sure that I now have two Daddy's girls. I knew it would happen eventually. Cory has seriously got to be the best Daddy ever!! I always tell him that the little girls are lining up in heaven hoping and waiting to be his daughter. But, even though she is in love with her Daddy it still makes my heart completely melt onto the floor whenever she comes up to me and whispers in my ear that she loves me, or how she cries for me in the middle of the night when she has a bad dream. Deep down I'll always know where her true loyalties lie.
3. She is the most prissy girl you'll ever see (she is almost always wearing a dress or skirt with a bow in her hair), BUT she can also be the biggest tom boy you've ever seen. She can outlast both me and Katelund when it comes to pain. She would be perfectly happy playing with caterpillars all day long. She dreams of riding a motorcycle, and she can out eat any 4 year old out there, and she can be quite scrappy when she needs to be... but she still screams like a little girl when she sees a spider or "stinging bug" (she got that from her Dad).

4. I'm afraid that when I have another baby I am going to be completely out of a job. Cloey is one of the most motherly little girls I have ever seen!! In our last ward there was a little 18 month old girl that was completely infatuated with Cloey. In fact, whenever she would get in her carseat to go home she always had to have Cloey buckle her up. She would even cry out for Cloey in sacrament meetings. Cloey just has this thing for babies. She has a little stuffed animal tiger named "Roar" (very creative name, huh?). Roar is her baby. She dresses him in dresses and pajamas everyday. She even puts him down for naps. One time she left Roar at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This is the email that Grandpa wrote Cloey....

Dear Cloey,
I will wash Roar tonight and dry him off and even let him sleep on grandma's side of the bed tonight.
I will let him ride around in my car with me during the day so he can keep me company at work too!
Thank you for sharing Roar with me this week.
I will bring him with me when I bring your mommy home from the airport.
I love you and miss you so very much. I miss & love Katelund too, will you tell her that for me?
Love Grandpa

Happy Birthday Cloey!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


Andrea said...

Happy birthday, sweet Cloey! We love you!

Greg,Rachel,Melissa,Joseph and Nicholas said...

Happy Birthday Cloey.... Hope your day was awesome...

Jeff, Mandy and Kids! said...

So very cute! Hope you all are doing well in your new home! We're moving out to San Francisco in two weeks. Hannah asked me to have you tell Cloey and Katelund hi for her! Have a great weekend!

John said...

You described the Cloey that melts my heart perfectly! Having said that, it really only takes her big blue eyes to gaze into mine to melt me.
Love Grandma by the beach
Happy Birthday Cloey ba-boey

Deon said...

Happy Birthday Cloey!!! What a precious little girl.

Amie said...

so so so cute! My youngest just turned 5 today. Such a fun age. =)

Destinee said...

Happy Birthday, Cloey!
We miss you guys. Are you getting settled in?

Amber said...

Oh how I love that girl! Holy cow is Cory starting to look like Dad or what? Ca-Razy! I love that story of Roar! I had forgotten about that. Love all of you!

Mandy said...

How funny....I was just thinking how much Cory looks like Sherrie! but he has his Daddy's smile, I think. Cloey was so sweet with Mallory when we saw you all...I can totally see the mommy in her. What a sweet little girl! Happy 4 years, Cloey! Has it really been that long ago....that long labor and our early days of friendship?

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