Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Marathon in Pictures Part III

Last night for FHE, I was teaching the girls about tender mercies. I consider this shirt on the Lord's tender mercies for me doing the last couple of miles. I ran up behind this guy and as I read his shirt, I felt a rush of strength beyond my own. I was reminded of what Katelund had told me a couple of months ago. We were in the van driving to school and then I was going to drop the babies off at a friend's house while I went and ran 18 miles, the farthest I'd ever ran at that point. I was expressing to Katelund how nervous I was about this run and she then said so calmly and confidently, "Mommy remember, you can do hard things, and with Christ you can do all things." As I read this man's shirt, I remembered her saying that and then I remembered that I had in deed prayed the night before for strength beyond my own. Definitely, a tender mercy that got me through to the end.
I took this picture as I began the race. Notice the awesome hot pink shoelaces? Thanks, Jenae. :)
It was around 86 degrees and humid, which is really hot weather to run in. Thankfully, they were spraying people down with hoses at the fuel stations. Plus, I dumped a cup of cold water on my head everytime as well. I am now suffering from one of the worst sunburns I have ever had. I can't even put a purse on my shoulders. But again, totally worth all the pain. :)
This is a picture of the starting line. Somewhere in this crowd is Cheryl Crow. She ran the half marathon. In fact, her time was exactly the same time as my half-marathon last February....1 hour 59 minutes. I'm running my third half-marathon at the end of October and I'm totally planning on crushing my PR. Anyone want to join me for a half marathon in Ft. Worth ?

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