Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Marathon in Pictures

Here we are before the race...Jenae, me, and Stephanie. We were SO excited, anxious, nervous, and giddy. We arrived at the starting area at about 5:30 am (the race started at 7). So for an hour and a half we spent our time walking around a little, forcing down some carbs and water, going to the bathroom, and mentally preparing ourselves for the hours to follow.
There were 40,000 people participating in the race (that total includes half marathoners as well...in fact there were WAY more who were participating in the half than the full). As we stood in our corrals waiting for our turn to start, I took a picture of the view in front and behind. The following pictures gives you somewhat of an idea of the sea of people that were all around us. There was SO much excitement in the air. There's just NOTHING like it!
The race was on Saturday but we actually drove down Friday afternoon because we had to pick up our bibs, swag bags, t shirt, etc at the Expo. I loved going to the Expo. There are runners and running gear everywhere!
This picture show the line to the bathroom right before the race. They actually have porta potties everywhere, even all through the course. But, beforehand, there is a mad rush to try and get everything out before the race begins. I did have to end up going about half way through the race, but luckily I didn't have to wait in a line. THANKULLY, our friend Whitney (who ran this race last year) had sent us with cute little good luck baggies that had a little pack of toilet paper. I was so glad I had it because with so many people going to the bathroom, they ran out of tp.

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