Saturday, May 19, 2012

cows and running

Okay so I had this really cool thought this morning as I was running past these cows. In fact, I had to stop running for a second to take a picture. So I'm going to try and put it into words but it may not come out the way that I'm hoping. I'll give it a try. So you know how in the scriptures we are taught that all things testify of Christ? Also, remember how Sister Beck said awhile back that anything that is anti-family is also anti-Christ? Well then the opposite would be true as well. If it testifies of family then it testifies of Christ. Which is why I had a spiritual moment this morning as I looked at these cows. That sounds so weird, right?! There was a little family right there in the grass. Even in their positioning you see roles of the family being portrayed. The mother nurturing the baby and the father standing by as the protector. Okay, maybe I'm stretching it here, but that is what I saw. Here in this little pasture I saw yet another testimony and witness that the family is by divine design. That our Creator has not only created all the cows, birds, people, etc, He has also organized us into families where our roles can be performed, our potentials realized, and where we can learn to love and serve in a way that we could no where else. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, one more thing before I get back to my Saturday chores. This morning I totally crushed my PR for a 5k. I ran it in 26 minutes!!! I'm so excited about that. I was also on pace to break my PR for a 10k but I had to stop a mile short because I....well, let's just say after having 5 children I can't hold my bladder very well. I'll leave it at that. :)


Laura said...

Hey Melissa! I am trying to catch up on your blog! I am surprised that you are in Texas! Congrats on your move! You probably wont feel at home yet until you get into your house and make some friends. You are so sweet, you wont have any problem with that! Your kids are growing up! They are all so beautiful. I hope you guys are doing well! Love and miss ya!

Patti said...


That's fun that you are back in Texas. You are inspiring me to keep at my running. I've never run a marathon and don't think I plan to. The "marathon" I"m about to finish is 2 years of teaching seminary w/o missing a day (of teaching). I LOVE reading your blog. I feel how you feel so much of the time, you just say it so well!

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