Thursday, June 02, 2011

May Catch-up

May went by so quickly! It was full of end-of-school parties, doctor appointments, the best date ever, a day at the carnival, and it ended with a bang...a vacation to Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach deserves its own those pics will be coming shortly, but meanwhile, here are some other pic updates.

I just had to include these adorable pictures of Hailey in her baby doll's crib rocking her and her baby. She LOVES her baby dolls.

Hailey LOVES to climb up anything and everything. I was totally shocked the other week when I found her up on the counter after I left the kitchen for like 1 minute. She is fast and fearless and definitely keeping me on my toes.

My sweet friend dropped off these beautiful gladiolas because she knows how much I LOVE them!! I think they are so beautiful and elegant. I seriously wish I could grow them in my yard year round so that I could always have a fresh cut bouquet on my kitchen table.

Hailey's favorite part of the carnival....cotton candy.


Carrie said...

Can you believe May is already over??? Can you believe this year is half over?..Where does the time go. Your girls are beautiful! Where did your little baby Hailey go? She is getting SO big!!!!

JoLayne said...

This is Janel's e-mail.
I talked with her about you doing this so she is looking forward to you e-mailing her. She will enjoy your blog too!
I love to get to visit with you every so often. You have a beautiful family!
JoLayne Wood

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