Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Birthday Shout Outs

June is seriously the month of birthdays and celebrating. All in the same week is Amber's birthday, my mom's birthday, my youngest sister, Katie's birthday, and my oldest sister, Andrea's birthday, and then to top it all of at the end of the week is Father's Day. Crazy, right? I'm not sure I'd want to spend my birthday delivering a baby, but I've never heard my mom mention a word of complaint. I guess it is like the ultimate gift, but the process to get it? Not so much of a celebration. :)

So here is my birthday shout-out to my wonderful mother and little sister, Katie who share a birthday today!!!!

B....beautiful. I have always thought that my mom was beautiful. She always looks like she just stepped out of a salon. But, she is also incredibly beautiful on the inside.

E...exact. Whatever she says is what she does. She is a genuine person and the most loyal friend anyone could ever have. She is exact in her obedience and honesty. She doesn't waver or sit on the fence about things. She knows what is right and she lives exactly in line with those values. She is the perfect example to me of someone with integrity.

C...capable. One of the things I love about my mom is that she is seriously super woman. She can do anything. I love when she comes to my home to visit or help out after a baby because I know that everything will run in perfect order. She is also one of the cleanest people I know. She keeps her home in immaculate condition AND she can fix almost everything ( I SO did not inherit this from her!!!).

K...kind. She has such a huge heart. Once you are her friend, you are her friend for life. Not only is she kind to her friends but also to strangers, and to those who are unkind to her or her daughters. One of the greatest lessons my mom taught me as a teenager was how to forgive and love somebody who definitely did not show any love in return.

Y...yearning. She is always yearning to be better and do better in every aspect of her life. She constantly yearns to be a better mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. I LOVE this about her!


K...Kind. No, there are not a lot of K adjectives, but I couldn't think of a better one to describe Katie...even if I already used it for my mom. She is kind to not only people but also to animals. She was always the animal lover in our home. She was always wanting to adopt/rescue any stray dog that passed by our house.

A...aligned. She is and always was aligned with the teachings of the gospel and with the rules and expectations of my parents. I can't even think of one time that Katie did something to disappoint my parents. She was and continues to be such a great example to me.

T...talented. Oh my how talented this girl is!! I love to listen to her play the viola. She has had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities to share her talent with others. She played with the traveling BYU orchestra and she has also had the chance to play with operas, special recitals, elite orchestra groups, etc.

I...intelligent. Not only is she talented but she is also very smart. Getting into the music program at BYU, and graduating from it, is NOT an easy thing. she has always been a very good student and has always made really good choices.

E...extra miler. One of the things that I LOVE about Katie is her desire to go the extra mile. Growing up, I always remember Katie going above and beyond on every single assignment she was given at school. She would be asked to write a one page paper and she would end up with five pages and then have her paper bound. She was always doing things like this. I'm sure her teachers loved her... I know we all did.


becky said...

Melissa, I love that you always see the good in others, magnify it and never see the faults or weaknesses. What would I do without you always making me feel like I could do no wrong even though I know I do. I love you. Mom

becky said...

I mean can not could

becky said...

OK one more comment and then I'll quit. Good job describing Katie. Your comments brought back many memories of catching dogs with bread crumbs (or dog food strung out on the driveway) and homework that took her all night because of the extra work she put into each assignment. What would I do without my girls!

Andrea said...


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