Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today is the big 32 for my oldest sister Andrea (the one in the middle). If you were to meet me and my two sisters you would realize pretty quickly that we are all VERY different from each other. We have completely different personalities and different opinions and ideas, and yet, we are still great friends. I couldn't imagine my life without my sisters. They are both AMAZING and I'm really not just saying this to be nice or to sound humble, but they outshine me MAJORLY!!! They run circles around me when it comes to smarts and talents. Andrea is very much like my Dad and Katie is very much like my mom. So where did I come from? Not sure. :) But, nonetheless, I feel so completely BLESSED to be surrounded by such an incredible family.

For Andrea's birthday shout out, I had to do something that fit her which meant that I had to keep it simple. No long cheesy letters or anything like that, instead I am going to list 32 words that come to my mind when I think of her.

Here I go....

1. analytical
2. planner
3. organizer
4. creative
5. inventive
6. practical
7. realist
8. thoughtful
9. loyal
10. honest
11. beautiful
12. dependable
13. overachiever
14. smart
15. logical
16. fun
17. humorous
18. compassionate
19. charitable
20. merciful
21. leader
22. trustworthy
23. integrity
24. inspiring
25. determined
26. independent
27. sensible
28. precise
29. loving
30. genuine
31. talented
32. AMAZING!!!!!!

Whew, that was really hard for me to not expound on each one.

Love you big sister, you mean the world to me!!!!


Tasha L. said...

I just posted a Mormon message video on my blog that made me think of your blog. I absolutely love reading your blog - you are so inspiring!

becky said...

I will forever love that photo of the three of you. Why don't I have a large one hanging on my wall?

I just had to say that you hit it right on the head with your description of Andrea.

I love my girls!

Andrea said...

I love it. Although I would disagree with a few... :) I love you. Thank you!

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