Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Birthday Shout Out

The above picture was taken a couple of years ago when I went out to Las Vegas (without any children) to spend some time with my sister-in-law, Amber. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! We spent a day at a spa where we exercised, swam, got massages, soaked in the hot tub, and then let out some major sweat in the sauna. It was such a great day. The whole visit was one that I'll always cherish. You see, Amber and I go way back to high school. Before there was Cory, there was Amber. She was my best friend. One of the greatest friends I have ever had. When I married Cory, not only did my dream come true of marrying him, but also the dream of having my best friend as my sister.

So for her 29th birthday I am going to list the top 29 things she has taught me through the years....
29. how to love licorice
28. how to highlight hair
27. how to drive a standard (well, maybe not successfully)
26. how to jet ski in her cul-de-sac (don't even ask)
25. how to work on Harry Hines
24. how to cliff jump at Possum Kingdom
23. how to sneak around with a secret boyfriend (and your parents still think you were perfect...LOL!!)
24. how to eat the biggest hamburger EVER!
23. how to put some serious food down and yet stay a size 0 (okay, so I haven't actually accomplished this one on my own)
22. how to love Olive Garden
21. how to be the most loyal friend ever
20. how to buy matching clothes with your best friend (what dorks we were!)
19. how to fix the problem of a sheer yellow dress at youth conference (need I say more?)
18. how to "like" a guy from Garland just because I want you to double date with me (remember Tyler?)
17. how to talk back to a policeman after getting pulled over on our way home from EFY
16. how to always have a spare key on hand just in case I locked myself out of my car AGAIN
15. how to sneak off campus just to go to lunch with me (man, you were a naughty girl)
14. how to be the most loyal friend ever
13. how to make me laugh until I pee
12. how to love your family (you are the most incredible sister EVER!!!)
11. how to honor your parents
10. how to do hard things (like the triathalon you did this year)
9. how to work hard and follow your dreams (swimming all those years and then swimming for BYU)
8. how to serve others so willingly
7. how to be thoughtful (you are always doing and thinking of things to do for others)
6. how to throw a party
5. how to make and create the cutest things ever
4. how to inspire others
3. how to forgive
2. how to comfort and sustain others
1. how to overcome (cancer...to just name one)

I love you Amber, Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the driving of the jet ski...LOL

Amber said...

Oh Melissa, I had forgotten about so many of those! I can't believe you pulled those out of the memory vault. Very impressive. You are too sweet! I love you and hope we can do another "girls trip" soon!!

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