Thursday, November 11, 2010

So you want to be friends with Cloey?

Apparently, it is not an easy thing to be one of Cloey's friends. First, you must pass a whole list of requirements (no, I am not kidding). Here are some of the concerns she has with some of her new friends at school.

Cloey: "Mommy, I really like Avalina, but she is not modest and she always has to be the boss."

Cloey: "Jakayla and Demarcus are the kids who sit next to me at my table and they always act so crazy and don't listen to directions. They always ask me what to do."
Me: "Well maybe that is why your teacher put you next to them, so that you can help them and you can be a good example for them."
{after school that day}
Cloey: "Mommy, I told Jakayla and Demarcus that they need to stop being so crazy and that I am sitting next to them to help them and be an example for them."
Me: "You told them that??? Honey, that probably made them feel bad."
Cloey: "No, it didn't."

Cloey: "Lindsey always dresses modestly, but she doesn't go to church."
Me: How do you know? I asked her.

Cloey:"Mommy, I really want to have a play date with Anna. She dresses modestly, she goes to church, and her parents don't smoke."
Mom: "Did you ask her if her parents smoked?
Cloey: yep. Oh, and she said we can have a tea party but we can use water because I told her that I don't drink tea.

So, if you want to be friends with Cloey you MUST always dress modestly, not be bossy or act crazy (all though she acts crazier than anyone I know when she is in one of her moods), you must go to church, your parents can't smoke, and you have to be willing to drink water at your tea parties.


Beadles said...

Sounds like my kind of girl. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of our children would want the same standards in their friends? So, does she have a potential husband list going yet?

Destinee said...

Ha! I love this! And that picture of Cloey is priceless!!

Carrie said...

Cloey is a smart girl! Love the shades. :)

Sherrie said...

I"m really close on this one, can I be one of Cloey's friends?

jimandceleste said...

I love this post Melissa! You have taught her well! Keep it up!

Mary said...

I love this. YOu can see your good example shining through in the guileless eyes of a child.

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