Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grateful for Grandparents

My sister, Andrea, is finishing up her degree right now. She is such an inspiration. As a mother of two and with a full time job at their school, somehow she finds the time and energy to take classes as well. She is majoring in elementary education. Once she graduates, all three of me and my sisters will have degrees in education. I also have two cousins who graduated from BYU in elementary ed. a couple of years ago. Neither one of my parents have degrees in education and neither do my cousins' parents, but somehow the five of us all ended up in the same field.

Two years ago this November my Grandpa Black passed away. After his funeral, we, all of his children and grandchildren, gathered around in my Grandma and Grandpa's basement and we each took turns remembering and recounting experiences with Grandpa. Experiences that made us laugh, smile, and cry. Experiences that some of us never knew about and others that each of us will never forget. This picture in my mind of us gathered around as a family is one that is engraven upon my heart. We all loved Grandpa. All though he is not here with us anymore, his example and influence upon me will live forever.

He was a teacher and so was my Grandma. I do not think it is a coincidence that five of their granddaughters have, or will have, their degrees in education. The influence of a grandparent is no small thing. All though we live in a world today where grandparents are usually not just down the street, or in our case not even in the same state, they still stand as a powerful example to the generations that follow.

This month as I focus on my blessings, I thank God for grandparents whose examples are exemplar. And for my children, I also thank God for parents and in-laws who are the best influences and role models I could ever ask for. When my children think of their grandparents, I hope that they remember the family council (on the phone with all of the children and grandchildren) where their Grandpa and Grandma Mann shared their testimony of charity. I hope they remember the year that Grandma and Grandpa Black traveled back and forth every week from California to Texas so that Grandpa could fulfill his calling as Bishop. But above all, I hope that they will always know how much they are loved by each of them.

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Melissa said...

You & Cory have such great parents! I'm so grateful that I had the chance to have the influence of both of your mother's as Y.W. presidents & for the solid rock of faith the 4 of them all are.

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