Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joy, a Rainbow, and a Grateful Heart

On the eve of Thanksgiving weekend, I finally find myself here at the computer. As I contemplate and remember all of the moments that mattered over the last week, I find my heart overflowing with joy. The joy that comes from a home bursting with family. The joy that comes from deep and all-consuming gratitude for blessings that are too numerous to count. The joy that comes from the magic and warmth of the holiday season. Tonight as I ponder upon these things, I think of my wonderful parents who are on their way to Idaho Falls, their new home. I wonder what adventures lay in store for them. I wonder whose lives will forever be changed because of their wonderful examples. I think of my in-laws, who once again made the 8 hour drive to come and spend Thanksgiving with us. It just wouldn't be the same without them here. I think of Cory's brother Logan and his sweet wife Becca who will be delivering their first baby at the end of December. They came out almost a week before Thanksgiving and together we made memories that will last a lifetime. I also think of both of my sweet sisters and their families and all of the rest of my sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Each one of them bring joy to my life in their own unique way. When I think of gratitude, I just can't help but think of my family.

The food is bursting out of our fridge, the trash is taking over our driveway, all of the rooms in our house need some major attention, and the Christmas decorations are just calling my name. But tonight, I want to just take it all in. I want to be still and just let my heart overflow with gratitude and joy. The other day as I was clearing off the kitchen table, I noticed that it had been raining outside. As my mother-in-law opened the back door, there in the sky was one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. As quickly as we could, we called the girls from downstairs to come up and see. We all stood on the back patio in awe at the wonder of such a magnificent sight. Then we all went back inside....except Cloey. As I turned back to see what she was doing, I saw a sight even more magnificent than the rainbow. There in front of my eyes was my five year old daughter kneeling on the ground as she thanked her Heavenly Father for making us a rainbow. Tears began to puddle in my eyes as I considered the powerful lesson I had just been taught. All though I have no pictures from the holidays (what was I thinking???!!), the picture I have in my mind of that moment, is one that will never be erased. A precious moment where I was taught what it truly means to have a grateful heart.


Destinee said...

Such a sweet post! Made my eyes puddle up too!
I am from Idaho Falls! My family still lives there. Crazy. What is taking your parents there?

Mandy said...

Sweet ,sweet Cloey....she is proof of what you and Corey have taught her about prayer and thankfulness. Love that you had family for the holiday....there is nothing like having the people you love in your home. I had my brother's family, and two of my sisters.

Living In A Tree House!!!! said...

My parents live in Idaho falls

Melissa said...

We lived 10 minutes away from Idaho Falls just before we moved to Texas. My favorite part was the temple & the green belt- the best place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

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