Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picture and a Story

Picture 1---This was taken at the school's fall festival. I was working one of the booths and Cory was taking the girls around. After I was done with my shift, I walked up to two pink haired children with paw print tattoos on their arms (which they know that they never would've gotten if I had been taking them around...not the pink hair, the tattoos...I'm not a fan). They both decided that someday when they are old enough to get their hair dyed, that they want to have pink hair. It made me a little nervous.

Picture 2----About a month ago, we were toilet papered AGAIN. The crazy thing about it this time is that they did it in the middle of the day while we were out playing tennis. My friend Marilyn loaded up her car with about 10 youth and came to show Cory how it is really done (Cory teased the youth last time and told them that they did an amateur job). They actually did a pretty good job this time. The girls LOVED to clean it up (as you can see from the picture).

Picture 3----Last week I hosted a baby shower at my house for a sweet lady in my ward. It was the easiest baby shower I've ever helped plan because one of my friends was in charge of invitations, another was in charge of the food, and then all I had to do was decorate a little, clean my house, and provide the paper products. Seriously, it is the BEST way to do a baby shower! Here is a pic of the decorations. It's not a good picture but it was fast, easy, and turned out pretty cute.

Picture 4----Cloey had a "sick" day last week. She had a little too much fun!

Picture 5----I love my husband!!! After a really bad day of Hailey choking and me being hysterical (and then the next day she fell out of her crib), Cory came home with a chocolate cupcake just for me. I'm not such a big fun of these kinds of cupcakes bc it is WAY too much icing for me, but in this case, it was the thought that counted BIG TIME!!!!

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Stefi Patterson said...

NOT NOT NOT NOT COOL! I totally hough this was your funny way of telling us you were prego. not funny sister.

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