Friday, October 01, 2010

Oh, how I love that feeling!

Have you ever loved doing something so much that you just get all giddy inside just thinking about it and you feel like you are on top of the world and that life just couldn't get any better than it is in that very moment?

That is how I feel when I play tennis. Cory and I went and played yesterday for the first time in many years. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I seriously could not even stop smiling. I was just so happy. There is just something incredible that happens inside of me whenever I swing that racket, especially when I hit the ball so beautifully and perfectly that it just glides right over the net and lands exactly where I want it to. Then there is that smell...oh how I love the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls. And of course I can't leave out how good it feels to actually be beating Cory at something, especially something that I love. It's such an amazing feeling. Oh, how I love that feeling!

That is also how I feel when I sing in a choir...a good choir that is. I L.O.V.E singing melody in a choir or a group of singers. I am definitely not a solo voice, but I do know how to read music and I am pretty good at blending in. But it is not my own singing that makes me feel that feeling of excitement and exuberance, it is the blending of voice. The sound that comes from different people with different voices who come together and blend as one voice. There is just nothing that compares to that feeling. Last weekend as we were sitting in our stake center waiting for the General Relief Society meeting to start, we divided up into sopranos, 2nd sopranos (which is my favorite part to sing), and altos. Then we were led and directed by a very musically gifted man who turned a group of sisters who were singing quietly and reserved, into a choir. The spirit in the room was amazing. All of the sudden, I felt that feeling. The feeling that comes when each and every note that I sing comes out with meaning, passion, and purpose. I felt like I was singing with angels, especially when our voices become one as we sang "As Sisters in Zion". I was not the only one in that room who had chills up my arms and tears welling up in my eyes. Oh, how I love that feeling!

That is also how I feel on the eve of General Conference weekend as I wait in anticipation to hear the voice of a prophet. To hear the prophet and apostles speak with power and authority and then to feel the Holy Ghost bear witness of truth in my heart and speak softly to my mind those things that I need to repent of and recommit to. Oh, how I LOVE that feeling!


Mandy said...

Ok, tennis, I have never played so I couldn't relate to that one, but the choir.....oh, that I can totally LOVE and relate to as well. I miss having those's been many years since I've experienced those moments. If there were an fulfilling outlet I could plant in my life right now, it would be a great choir to be part feel that tingling rush of beautiful music-making. Ahhhhh.....

Carrie said...

I know exactly what you mean. Tennis is not it for me...or maybe it is and I just haven't realized it yet! :) Mine right now is taking pictures (I am not that great at it but I still love it). Some day I am going to have a fancy camera and get really good at it.
And I can't wait for Conference either!!!!
I also loved Remembering Kelly...You are an inspirations!

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