Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break

This is what we did over Fall Break....

B.....brunch in bed (already mentioned in a previous post) and relaxation (I made a spa day in our home. They could get a manicure, pedicure, and/or facial with make-up. I had a price list for each thing because I am trying to work on money with Cloey)

E.....exploring the zoo (we went with some friends and had such a great time!)

A....a day at the mall (and a day in bed...this is the day that I got sick)

K....Katelund's costume hunting (I had already picked up a costume for Cloey and Hailey but hadn't found the one Katelund wanted. We spent the day shopping for the perfect costume and got some other fun Halloween decor.

Cloey was excited to go back to school this morning, Katelund was not happy at all. As nice as it is to have my alone time with Hailey, I'm missing them terribly this morning. These pics were just snapshots of the week. The real fun and the greatest memories were ones that cannot be captured: moments of kindness, love expressed, lots of laughter, friendships bonded, and conversations that I'll never forget.


Carrie said...

I still can't believe how grown up your girls are. I am so jealous that you get a fall break!!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I am glad you are feeling better. It is never fun when mom is sick!

My advice for a yard sale is tell your kiddos they can keep the money from whatever is theirs that gets sold. It is awesome motivation for them to really get rid of toys that haven't been played with in months. A good rule is if it leaves the house for the yard sale it doesn't come back in if it doesn't sell. Just head straight to Goodwill with it. I didn't do that this time with some stuff that I probably should have. :) I am going to try to go to Asheville for girls night on 12/10-you should come too!!!!

Ashlie said...

Seriously Melissa, you are much better at this blogging thing than I am! I can't believe how big these girls have gotten since I last saw them. Believe it or not, I miss you and your girls. They are beautiful! You're such a great mother and I love reading your blog to get tips!! :)

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