Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need a Halloween gift idea?

Cory and I stayed up late last night making salsa together. I squeezed the juice out of about 15 limes and Cory cut up more onion and cilantro than he ever imagined. Cory has worked on this perfect (at least it's perfect to us) salsa recipe for many, many, many months. We LOVE it!! So, for the sisters I visit teach, some neighbors, and some of Cory's co-workers, we are going to give them a jar of salsa for Halloween. And of course, I can't just give away a boring mason jar with salsa in it.

Here is what the poem says (you can find it on sugardoodle)....

Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
Halloween spirits and spooks and cats,
Weird happenings and witches brew,
These are the things that we wish for you....
May the only ghost that comes to stay
Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way.
May the only spirit you chance to meet,
Be the spirit of love and friendship sweet.
We hope that you feel the spirit and love,
That can only come from our Father above.
These are our Halloween wishes to you
And may God bless you in all that you do.


Melanie Anne said...

Oh yum!!! I love salsa--and yours sounds amazing! What a cute idea and sweet poem. Hope your Halloween in wonderful!!

Carrie said...

Great idea and awesome presentation! I love the whole package. If it is half as good as Corey's sausage dip then send me some!!!! :) I am in the mood for a little project. I guess I better get going with with long list of Christmas gifts to make!

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