Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Teacher I Admire

As a mother, I love to brag on my kids. I love it when they say sweet things or when they make good choices. There are many posts on my blog about those very moments and I am so glad that I have recorded them, so that I will never forget. But, this time I want to brag on my husband. Cory was called to be the Sunday School teacher over the 12 and 13 year olds. He has taken this calling and literally run with it. These kids are so lucky to have him. He spends so much time during the week preparing for his lessons. He does power points, he sends out a weekly email, and he is constantly thinking about what he can do better. He has actually gotten the kids to read their study guides each week in preparation for class (it helps that he occasionally brings candy bars for those who did it). He also starts his class each week with highlighting a Book of Mormon hero and challenges them to read more about them on their own. He has even asked the kids to come prepared to teach about a Book of Mormon hero (one that is not well known). He has been such an inspiration to me!! He has shown me what it means to magnify your calling. Just so you can see what I mean, here is some of the email that he sent out this week....

My young friends:

An assignment was given to each of you at the end of class last week. It was to read the following scriptures and answer the following questions. Now as I am asking you to do this, please keep in mind that I don't want you to answer these questions with answers that you think I want to hear or to appease me. These are questions for you to have answers for in your own life when you are placed in a situation that is trying to get you to compromise your beliefs. For those who would really like to go the extra mile, I would strongly encourage you to sit down with you parents and do this exercise with their help and input. Have a phone handy when you do this, cause they will probably immediately go into shock after you request their help to answer these questions and you will need to be able to call for an ambulance. LOL

Here is the exercise:

D&C 121:45 - What does it mean to garnish thy thoughts unceasingly?

D&C 27:15-18 - How can we keep evil or un-virtuous thoughts out of our minds?

How can we more actively fill our minds with virtuous thoughts

I really look forward to your answers, and to see which of you will have the most heart-felt and detailed answers.

Between each class, from Sunday to Sunday, 10,080 minutes will pass by, of this total surely you can find 30 mins to dedicate to the Lord and prepare yourselves for class this week. Please take the time and prepare yourselves to feel the spirit and continue increasing your very own testimony! This week we will talk about missionary work. In addition to including the study guide I have included the reading from Our Heritage, which, is a part of our lessons, please read it, it's only 10 small paragraphs, won't take you that long to complete. This week I will be teaching exclusively from the study guide, so be prepared to discuss what you've read and studied!


The Allphins said...

Wow. What an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for sharing that.

Amber said...

That is really sweet. Good for him!

Sherrie said...

He has made me rethink how I should teach, even adults would love this kind of involvement.
Love Mom by the beach, now in Las Vegas:)

Rebecca said...

Oh c'mon, move back to Fayetteville. What is your due date?

Staceroo said...

Okay, Cory's a stud - a true spiritual giant. I'm sure he owes it all to your example though. ;)

Mandy said...

Wow! I am impressed, Cory! I can only imagine how much this kind of dedicated service is helping him continue to grow, as well. Those kids are so lucky to have him.

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