Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It has begun...

The nausea, gagging, and throwing-up is in full force. Yesterday it lasted all day long. I'm hoping for a better day today, but so far it's been pretty rough. This morning I was determined to go on my morning walk (I didn't go yesterday because I was feeling so horrible). So I walked with my I Pod in one hand and a bag of pretzels in the other. I don't know if I burned any more calories than I consumed, but at least it felt good to get out and exercise.

As I was leaning over my toilet bowl yesterday trying to keep down the handful of cherries that I had just consumed, I had a moment of laughter as I recalled all of the memories of past first/second trimesters of pregnancy.

While I was pregnant with Katelund, I was in the middle of one of my most intense semesters at BYU-Idaho. I was in the middle of methods (a semester filled with teaching full time, creating an insane amount of lesson plans, and taking 12 credit hours to top it all off). I would drive down with a group of girls everyday to Idaho Falls in order to teach/observe in the third grade. Stopping on the side of the snowy road in order for me to throw-up became a part of our daily routine as we traveled to and from I.F. and Rexburg. I was also teaching water aerobics at the college. There were many times where I would have to jump out of the pool and run to the bathroom. The life guard freaked out the first time it happened, but once I explained to him that it was either me running on the side of the pool or him cleaning up throw up, he backed down.

After that experience, I swore that I was not going to get pregnant again until after my student teaching. We moved back to Texas and about one week into the semester, I found out that I was pregnant. My student teaching was quite the experience. It was almost a daily occurence for me to stop mid sentence and run out of the classroom to find the toilet bowl. Everything would trigger my gagging reflex. The smell of the Kindergartners after they came in from recess, picking the kids up from the cafeteria, and cleaning myself up after 3 kids threw-up on me (I actually just gagged from even thinking about that one).

When I was pregnant with Clairisa, I was so thankful to be in my own home and sitting in front of my own toilet bowl. It was definitely not easy being sick and taking care of my 2 and 3 year old daughters, but I had an AMAZING neighbor/friend who helped out a TON!!!

This time is not all that different. I still gag everytime I open the kitchen cupboard or fridge, whenever I kiss Cory (sorry honey), or everytime that I even think about brushing my teeth. But, even though those things are all the same, it is still very different. My perspective is different. Although I may physically feel miserable, on the inside I couldn't be more happy. It is all worth it and it could always be so much worse. I just feel so blessed and thankful. I am pregant with my 4th child. I have two healthy beautiful little girls, and I am married to a man whom I have completely fallen in love with all over again this last year. Life is good, even if the next few months are spent by my toilet bowl. :)


Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear about the nausea! Hearing your stories brought back my first trimester memories too. I luckily didn't have it too bad though. You are definitely right, it is a short inconvenience for the happiness we receive.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so sick. I haven't been too sick with my pregnancies, but I remember with my first one that I couldn't be around Brian... poor guy. He worked at at door shop at the time and when he came home, he smelled too much like wood, and that made me sick, but we he had showered he smelled too much like soap and that made me sick too. He asked me once if he should take a shower and then go and roll in the mud. :) I am SO happy you are pregnant though! yay!!!

Mandy said...

What we as mothers go through to bring sweet children into the world...there is no other sacrifice like it. And, the reward is unmatched, as well. I remember after delivering Bethany - fresh from labor- I knew that I'd do it over and over again to have that kind of love and blessing added to my life again. I feel for you....AND I'm happy for you.

Sherrie said...

Toilet scrubber in one hand, wash rag in another...The only thing I can think of to say (but most likely will not bring you much comfort) is to repeat the infamous old word's: This too shall pass:)
But 'Ode to Joy', perhaps then a new baby boy?!
Love Mommy by the beach

J and C said...

I know exactly how you feel, so thankful to be pregnant but not necessarily enjoying the throwing up. I was on the 8 to 12 times a day schedule, and I didn't lose a pound- which still bugs me!

I tried about everything including prescriptions. Nothing helped! The one thing finally helped, and that I am still having to take now (or lucky me I would still throw up) is a Unisom (over the counter sleeping aid, I take right before bed- it was originally made for naseau but made people so sleepy they marketed it as a sleep aid) and a 50 mg B6 vitamin. Once I started taking that I literally just stopped throwing up.

You may want to ask your doctor about trying it- it has been my lifesaver! (and my sisters, and sister-in-laws) Good Luck-

(oh and I have to say, I was strangly happy with each trip to the porclain receptical, because it was such a good reminder of what I had always wanted was actually there and doing its proper thing)

InkMom said...

Isn't it just the greatest thing ever that you know it will only be temporary? That thought got me through a lot of rough days early on -- it might be awful today, and worse tomorrow, but eventually, it will stop!

Sadly, we are not inviting the Chattanooga Stake -- we just don't have the room. But that doesn't mean that you, a permanent honorary member of our stake, shouldn't come! It's going to be wonderful.

deana said...

I know exactly how you feel. Luckily it will get better soon. Just keep thinking SOON! I hope your new friends that you have made will be there for you to help Cory out. I am sure Celeste will help out.Take care of yourself and everything else will fall into place eventually.

Carrie said...

I love that you gagged as you thought of times that made you gag and throw up! That cracks me up! I hope you feel better soon-throwing up is never fun. Especially when you have to anticipate it every few moments! We are crossing our fingers our house will sell quickly...Aaron has already signed up for classes and 2 of them are online so if we are still here he can still get started. Whenever you all visit Asheville let us know and we will too! :)

MommyJ said...

Been there, done that, hated every minute of it, and yet still willing to do it again. :) (no no, not yet. willing... just not quite ready)

have you peed on yourself yet? With the twins, I would retch so hard I'd pee on myself. Nothing spells dignity like wiping the throw up off your chin and asking your husband to bring you some clean underwear.

I love you. I miss you. Can I come and see you? I won't bring any kindergartners or cafeteria food...

Laura said...

Congrats Melissa!
I wouldn't trade morning sickness (all day sickness) for anything... because of the miracle that is making you do it!
luv ya!

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