Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In sunday school this last week, we talked about miracles that take place around us today. Some people in the class shared some pretty amazing miracles, such as missionary work and temples dotting the earth. In my own life, I have seen many miracles happen. Some of them are too sacred or personal to talk about it, some of them have been shared and experienced within my circle of family and friends, and others are still happening. Yet, of all of the miracles that I have witnessed, I'd have to say that the greatest ones that I have seen have taken place within my own heart and within the hearts of others. The miracle of change. The miracle that takes place when someone turns to Christ and their entire nature is changed.

I have seen people who have completely turned their hearts to the Lord and who have gradually changed and become refined in the process. I have seen a modern day Alma the Younger experience. I have seen wounds that were so deep and painful begin the healing process. I have seen forgivenss take place in situations that seemed to be unforgivable. Just recently in our ward, I witnessed a couple who completely changed their life, got married, and entered the waters of baptism. As they were being confirmed the next day and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, I just sat and cried because I knew that I had once again experienced a miracle, a life changed forever because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are some who think that miracles have ceased. I know they have not. They are all around us. To me, they testify of Christ and the atonement. They show me that the tender mercies of the Lord are everywhere and anywhere, if we but only look for them, and if we allow them to, they can happen within our very own hearts.


Mandy said...

Very true, Melissa. You know that I've personally experienced a multitude of miracles in my life, and I have no doubt that they exist today. We only have to look for them.

John said...

Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of the truth that miracles occur for those who have eyes to see. Love, Mom (by the beach)

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