Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day, Girls Camp, and Pregnancy

We had a great Father's Day. We spent the day spoiling and pampering Cory. He got his favorite dessert, a gourmet dinner (I wish...I tried hard at least), his favorite breakfast, a long nap, a spa pedicure, and a game of Spinners. It was a great day. Life is dull when Cory is not home. All of us girls are totally smitten by him. I feel so blessed to have three incredible fathers in my life, my own dad, Cory's dad, and Cory. They are the most honorable men that I know and my greatest heroes.
Katelund's latest hair do.

Yesterday morning I found Katelund blow drying Cloey's hair. She is all about helping me out these days. If I lift anything or do anything that she doesn't think I should be doing, she lets me know. She'll say, "Mommy, the b-a-b-y" (you have to say it in a sing song voice).

Katelund made up a new Spinner rule yesterday. She said that anytime we laid down a tile with a spinner on it, then we had to say something we loved about our Daddy. It was a really cute idea. On one of the last days of school, Katelund had to bring her favorite game...which is this one...she was so disappointed that none of the other kids wanted to play it. :) It's a family favorite. Although Cloey didn't play with us yesterday because she was too busy talking on her phone to Snow White.
Girls camp was SO MUCH FUN!!! I really got to know the girls and we made some great memories. I don't know how I always luck out and get in the ward with the cutest and best girls in the stake, but I do! I wish I would've taken some pictures of some of the fun things we did together as a ward. I felt like I was a Young Women again. Good times, good times.
The pregnancy is going great!!!! I feel like I am a walking zombie because of how tired I am, but I am the most excited zombie ever. I swear I introduce myself to people as "Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm pregnant". I just feel so blessed to be carrying around another little angel. I am trying so hard to not be scared and paranoid. Every little ache, pain, or cramp sends me into hysterics and I really wish I would stop having such horrible nightmares of losing my baby again. I spend my nights in fear and my days on my knees in prayer and daydreaming about that blessed day when I will hold my very alive baby in my arms. What a day that will be! In the mean time, I'm just trying to put my faith and trust in the Lord. Thank you for all of your sweet comments of encouragement and congratulations. They meant so much to me!!!


J and C said...

I know exactly how you feel about the aches and pains, after 7 years of trying to concive I was a basket case of nerves and fear when I finally did. The best and greatest thing that helped me was asking my husband for a blessing. I listened to the words, and when ever I got fearful (a lot, in the last 7 months) I would repeat what the Lord had said to me, and it has brought me so much comfort. Hope that is a helpful thought.

Rebecca said...

Your family is so cute. Cory is so lucky! I wish I could help you not be scared, but I think that is normal. As long as your normal doesn't become crazy, you're good!

Lena said...

Spinners! The last time I played that was when I was a teenager at the Mann's house. I cheated big time. I'm not a cheater in general but this time I just wanted to see if anyone would notice all the tiles disappearing into my socks, lol. After I won by a landslide I emptied my weird overflowing socks and you should have seen the look of shock on Cory's face! I think it was the last thing he expected from me, lol. Yes, I would do it again.

I'm so happy your pregnancy is going well!

Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a very special Father's Day planned for Cory....what sweet girls he has in his life! I know that he knows he is lucky, right? I agree with the first comment on here.....a priesthood blessing can be so peace-giving. Write it down and refer to it, just in case your pregnant/mommy mind forgets. I love you and am so happy for you!!!

The Allphins said...

So what is this game of Spinners? I'm always looking for good games! I just started laughing out loud when I read the part about Cloey being too busy to play because she was talking to Snow White on the phone. That is adorable. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well, and we'll be praying for you and your baby! Love you!

Bonnie said...

I am glad to see you guys are doing well with the move and all and I am so happy that you are pregnant again. that is just great!!! ( aqua poppy designs, so cute huh!)

Austyn said...

yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!
so happy about the pregnancy!!!!
your girls are SO big and so adorable. put more pics of you! i miss you!

Carrie said...

Don't worry too much because you have a lot of people praying for you! You are awesome Melissa!

Andrea said...

Lena - Don't worry. You're not the only one. I don't know what it is, but Cory brings out the cheating in people. :) We all know it's true.

Melissa said...

Andrea and Lena,
The reason why Cory brings out the cheater in everybody is because he is such a horrible winner and he is SO competitive (just like those who eventually turn to cheating) He rubs it in and it makes you so mad that you will do anything just to see the look on his face when you win and he loses.

Because of him, I have turned to cheating in card games, I have broken my tennis racket (b/c I was so mad that he beat me), and I have vowed to never play another game with him again (of course, that hasn't happened).

Although there was one time when we were playing cards with his siblings and he actually broke down. Remember Amber? "Enough, I said enough!" LOL!!!

Good thing I love him so much. :)

Destinee said...

That is so sweet that Katelund is so concerned about her mama (and baby). Your girls are so cute!
Are you back in Young Women's? Camp is such a great place to bond.

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