Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Exciting Discoveries...

I love it when I discover new things. Especially things that are of value. I am so excited about my latest discoveries that I just had to share them.

The first one you can get to by following this link. It is an interactive Friend magazine for kids. There are pictures they can color, games to play, stories they can listen to, etc.

The second thing I have found is the Mormon Channel. It is actually on the lds.org home page but you can also find it by clicking here. I love this because I can just play it on my computer during the day and feel like I have BYU tv. I love it. Yesterday I learned some pretty cool things about the hymns.

The last thing is one of my very favorite things. I actually discovered this awhile ago, but it has made such an impact on my life. I downloaded the talks from this website that are listed under "Gospel Teaching and Learning". I listen to them every morning during my morning run or walk (I have been walking more recently because I think my knees are falling apart). I LOVE them!!! They are SO GOOD!!! My very favorite one is called "Teach Them to Understand" by Elder Bednar. I also loved "Who is this Man Who Knoweth His Letters?" SO GOOD!!! Also the one by Virginia Pearce. Okay, they are all amazing.



MommyJ said...

So glad you shared! I'm already a fan of the mormon channel, but hadn't discovered the other two, so thank you!

Mandy said...

Thanks, Melissa! You are so internet informed.....do I download those on my Shuffle and that replaces the songs? I am very new at that kind of thing. I've had the same songs on mine for like 2 years.

Whyzzerd said...

ooh, these look exciting! I can't wait till Stephan is old enough to get the friend... as soon as he learns that magazines are in fact something you read and NOT something you walk on/run on/throw/tear and otherwise destroy

Carrie said...

I am going to have to check them out! Thanks for the tips!

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