Saturday, July 14, 2012

Take Us Out to the Ball Game

One of the things that my Dad really wanted to do when he was here in Texas, was to go to a Rangers game. So, we did. My parents, me, Andrea, Abby, Ethan, Katelund, and Cloey all went. I was excited because I knew how excited my dad was, but I was not really looking forward to spending all those hours in the blazing Texas sun. Just about an hour before we left, a storm cell rolled in. At first, we thought the game might get rained out (which may have not been to bad of a thing since it was SO HOT outside), but the storm cell did not bring any rain with it. But, it did bring a dramatic decrease in temperature and enough cloud coverage to completely block out the sun. It could not have been more perfect. There was slight coolness in the air and a little bit of wind to make it even better. The game was so much fun and the weather was amazing. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that the Lord created an absolutely perfect and memorable night just for my dad, and that it was.


Melissa said...

Melissa, your eyes are beautiful! You can see the light of Christ shining through. It's fun to see you are having a fun time with family & enjoying your summer. love ya

Matthew and Shanna said...

So fun for your family to be all together!

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