Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our New Lawn Mower

Growing up, me and my sister were the lawn mowers in our family. Every Saturday morning Andrea and I would go out and do yard work with my dad while my mom would do chores in the house. I used to hate mowing and I would always look forward to the day when I would marry a wonderful man that would mow the lawn for the rest of our life and I'd never had to do it again. Well.....yes, I married a wonderful man but he is also very allergic to grass. He will and does do yard work, but it makes me feel horrible because of how sick he gets and the fact that he has to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans so the grass doesn't get on his skin. Other than letting him mow when I'm super big and pregnant, I usually just do it for him. Over the years of mowing, I have actually grown to love it. I love the way it looks afterwards, I love the work out I get, the tan I get, and just the time alone with me and the lawn mower. :) So when Cory told me that it was time for Katelund to start mowing, I was honestly kindof sad. But, at the same time, I also think it is good for her to learn how to do it and to feel the sweet reward of hard work. She has mowed for the last two weeks and is pretty good at it. Other than Cory doing the edging and weed eating, she does the front and backyard all by herself. At least she has a flat yard to mow. In Chattanooga, our lawn was an absolute beast to mow...and the grass (mostly weeds) grew SO QUICKLY!!! There were actually some times when I was pregnant, and Cory had threatened my life if I mowed the lawn, that I actually went out with scissors and cut it by hand because I just can't stand to have an unmanicured lawn. And, the greatest part about Katelund mowing is the fact that she is earning $2.50 every time she does it and she couldn't be happier about that. :) I guess I better enjoy it before she learns what others earn from mowing.

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