Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hailey vs. broccoli

A couple of weeks ago, we had broccoli for dinner (not just broccoli...although I think a huge pile of steamed broccoli with cheese on top would be a delicious dinner). Anyways, Hailey was refusing to eat it. She wouldn't even let me put it near her mouth . So, I told her she had to stay in her chair until she ate it. After AN HOUR, I finally decided that all she had to eat was one little bite (at this point I was desperate but I was not caving). After TWO HOURS, I finally decided to force a little bit in her mouth and call it good. I'm pretty sure she would've slept there in her seat. She is such s stubborn and determined little thing. But, oh so cute!!


All Fun Family said...

That's hilarious. Callie loves broccoli...weird, I know.

Cory Mann said...

What's funny about this, is had I been there she would have eatin it with no problems! You know it's true!

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