Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's for dinner?

I have really been putting forth a huge effort the last couple of months to meal planning and trying new things. Some nights are more successful than others, but at least my family is fed every day right? Last night I made the most delicious creamy chicken noodle soup along with some really easy, delicious, and FAST dinner rolls. Of course almost all of my recipes are from my favorite food blog EVER The Sisters' Cafe. My really good friend, Melanie, and her sisters started it and I have loved everything I've ever tried on it (and I've tried A LOT on it). Here is another one I tried recently that I love...Frank's Red Hot Chicken Salad and another one...Frozen Burritos (I actually make this and keep them in my freezer for the girls to take to lunch, Cory to take to work, or for nights when that's all we have time for. They are so delicious!!! You'll never want to eat a store bought frozen burrito again.) For some reason the links aren't all showing up in gray, but if you click on the name of the meal it will link you over to the recipe.

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becky said...

Good job on your meal prep. That sounds like a delicious dinner. Especially since it is cloudy, cold and rainy here.

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