Friday, September 28, 2012

A Window to Heaven

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are having a glimpse into what heaven must be like? Last night I had one of those moments. It was 8 pm and the girls were getting their pajamas on and brushing their teeth while Cory and I were in the living room talking. Then Cory decided to play a song for me, which of course meant dance party in the living room. All the girls came running into the living room in their pajamas and with their freshly washed wet hair and started dancing. The music was turned up even louder, Cory was singing, and all four girls were dancing around the room. I was loving every second of it!!! As I watched my girls beautifully dancing around the room and listening to my husband's AMAZING heart-melting voice as he sang along to the song, I seriously felt so much joy. Joy for the family that I belong to, joy in good music filling my home, joy for bodies that are strong and healthy, joy for my girls that are not only happy but full of life, energy, and personality. Joy in motherhood and joy in being alive. Then as my mind went over my day, I felt even greater joy as I remembered the conversation that I had earlier with my mom. She had told me of an incredible experience she had the previous day in answer to a prayer that morning in which she had prayed for an opportunity that day to help the Lord in some way. (yes, my mom is an angel). I also remembered the sweet act of service that had been rendered to me by a friend. At 3 pm that afternoon, I heard a knock on the door. It was my good friend, Amanda with her three children. She had felt like she should come over and help me (yes, she's another angel). So for the next hour she helped me do dishes, clean my kitchen floor, start laundry, clean bedrooms, etc. I was SO GRATEFUL especially since she had no idea how miserable and sick I have been feeling this week (a cold or sinuses or something). Anyways, as I thought of all these things I felt so grateful, so joyful, and so very very blessed. I just don't know how heaven could get much better than that moment.

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