Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent phone pics of Hailey

Before you focus your attention on my beautiful baby (who is now 15 months and I guess considered a toddler now), I have a very important question that is just really weighing on my mind this morning.

Why does crunching on ice give me heart burn??!!! It is an obsession I have while pregnant (crunching ice...but not just any that has been sitting in my cup for at least 30 minutes with water and has started the melting process which has made it easier to crunch. It is seriously like my favorite treat ever, and then the second I have my baby the joy of it will be completely gone.)

One of her favorite things to do is to get into the pantry, climb up the shelf, pull down the cereal box, take the bag out, and carry it around with her all over the house while she eats it.

This picture was taken the other day after a walk we went on. It was seriously so hot and humid that day. I tried to get a shot of the back of her head, but she wouldn't hold still long enough. Her hair was completely drenched in the back from sweat.

These pics were taken at Cloey's Mother's Day picnic for school.


Matthew and Shanna said...

I love the picnic pictures! Very cute.

Jennifer said...

It will give you heartburn because you are putting fluid into your stomach that is able to then come back up and burn. Its a catch 22 because with heartburn you want to drink or eat ice to cool it down but then you have liquid in your stomach to come back up. If you eat something like bread or crackers at the same time you wont get the heartburn as much because it will soak up the liquid.

Hope that helps!!

I also loved eating the ice and then it was gone the second my baby was born!!

Carrie said...


I love to crunch ice too. My favorite, for lack of a better way to describe it, is "rabbit turd"...Do you know the kind I mean? It is perfect. Sorry about the heart burn! Bummer...I don't know Jennifer but she sounds really smart, so I would take her advice! It makes sense to me.:)

Carrie said...

By the way we need a cute baby bump picture please! You are one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I have ever seen-we need a picture!!!

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