Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ice Cream Solution

For about a month now, we have had the ice cream truck singing its notorious tune through our neighborhood. The second the tune is heard I have screaming little girls who are rushing around trying to gather up enough money to buy their favorite cotton candy ice cream bar. Now as much as I love their excitement, I don't love my children to use their money everyday or eat ice cream every single day. It was starting to become an issue. I decided that they could only get it every once in awhile and then I would try to vaccum or mow the lawn around the time the truck would be coming so that they wouldn't hear it. (I know, I know, what a mean mom I am!!)

But the ultimate solution came on Monday. I had decided to let the girls get ice cream as long as they put it in the freezer and saved it for their family night treat. They excitedly agreed and then went about frantically gathering up their coins. I usually always go out there with them to buy it but this time Cory was home and so he went out (you just never know who is driving those trucks, you know?!) About 3 minutes later, he was calling for me at the door and laughing hysterically. The ice cream man [actually it's a woman] had literally turned the truck off because my girls had all of their pennies dumped out on the driveway as they were each trying to count off 100 pennies. After we laughed about it, we thought for a second (and only a second) that we should go and help them. But, then we thought again. Maybe our girls would be so bad for business because of how long it took them to count out their money that the ice cream truck would just skip by our neighborhood....or maybe the thought was too good to be true...but either way we decided to just let them do it on their own. It would be good for them, and maybe even good for us. :)

It is now Friday. So far this notorious tune, no ice cream, and no pennies. But plenty of screaming and excitement.

Problem solved.

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