Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 Questions 4 You

1.Did you watch the State of the Union address last night?
I watched every second of it. There were some things that I disagreed with, but overall I thought it was really good. The whole part on education....SO GOOD!! I'm not sure about the whole "Race to the Top" program (because I don't know any of the specifics), but I loved how he spoke about the importance of teaching in the home and the responsibility that we have to instill a love for learning in our children. I think he must have read my blog. :) J/K.

2.Did you know that boys have tails?
When I showed my girls the ultrasound picture after my doctor's appointment on Monday, Katelund said, "Oh, the baby is definitely a boy because I see a tail right there by his bottom and all boys have tails on their bottoms." Yes, there was a "tail" but it was the umbilical cord. Hopefully we'll see a tail at my next appointment.

3. Do people "glitter" in your neighborhood?
Yesterday when I was walking the girls home from the bus stop, Cloey reached down and picked up some glass from the street. Then she said, "Mommy, I have to pick up this glitter. I can't believe that people are glittering in our neighborhood!"

4. Is this not the cutest face ever?


kristi lee said...

adorable face. the tails...too funny! obama...watched it and just thought he was saying things that he knows the majority of the country want to hear but doesn't believe in himself. people are so dissatisfied with his policy that he had to play it safe...hence the assigned seating given to those in attendance so that no one could knock him and pull a, "liar" moment like last time. which although tactless and disrespectful, was totally on point.

Carrie said...

1. Watched it...but I have a hard time believing anything he says... :) I won't say anymore. You know me and politics...
2.Boys do have tails and horns too. :) Just kidding...I thought that was an announcement...Maybe next time.
3. People glitter all the time in my neighborhood!
4. YES!!!! I love this picture!!! Give her a big squeeze for me!!!!
Question for you: Did I just over do it on the punctuation or what?

Rebecca said...

No, didn't watch it. Don't care for it. Randy cares enough for the both of us. Boys at our house had "eggs" or "rocks." Dallin totally still says glitter sometimes. And SO CUTE!!

Jenna said...

oh my goodness!! That face is so funny!! So glad you posted it!! Oh and the "glittering" was hilarious.

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