Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 days (no sun+no school+no husband+lots of snow)=


We were supposed to pick Cory up from the Atlanta airport on Monday night, but the airport was closed and we were completely snowed in. The earliest flight he could get home was this morning (Wednesday). When Cory told me the bad news, I got off the phone as quick as I could so that I could bawl my eyes out. Of course I missed him, but the crying was mostly because I was going absolutely CRAZY!!! As much as I love my children and my home, not being able to escape for even a short amount of time was almost more than I could take. So on Tuesday afternoon, I decided to go dig out my ski pants, gloves, and Columbia snow boots and go play in the snow. The girls were SO EXCITED!! We had a great time and it really helped with the depression that was seriously starting to set in. This morning the sun finally made an appearance and Cory finally made it back home. The girls are STILL out of school and the snow is still everywhere, but I am feeling wonderful!!! Clean house + husband home + sun shining + happy children = 1 content and happy momma!


kristi lee said...

i thought about you but couldn't get to ya until today anyways to help. glad he made it home.

Carrie said...

We are going on day 4 of no school tomorrow too! Aaron was home during the day because his classes were canceled also. I wish I could have been trapped at home instead of having to go to work! :) But we still managed some playing in the snow time...I am going to post about it as soon as I catch up!

Mandy said...

So glad Cory got home and the sun started to makes such a difference, doesn't it?

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