Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dear Hailey Jane,

Please STOP growing!!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the new rolls on your thighs and your sweet pinchable cheeks and your cute little cankles. I love the fact that you can hold your head up on your own and my heart completely melts when you look at me and smile. I don't think that you will ever "coo" without everyone in our family stopping whatever they are doing and asking, "did you hear Hailey? Ohhhhhh...she's so cute!" No, I wouldn't trade any of that for anything, BUT.....3 months has just flown by!! I want you to be my little baby forever! Hailey, I couldn't imagine our family without you. In three months time (well actually it started before you were ever born), you have found your way into that part of my heart where only a select few (5 to be exact)have gone. The part of my heart where I would do absolutely anything for you. The part of my heart that is very vulnerable, yet inescapable. The part that brings joy to my life with just the sound of your voice and heartbreak with the sound of your cry. You will forever be my baby. The one who came after Clairisa. The one who filled my arms with your intoxicating smell and filled my life with joy and gratitude. You will always have a special place in our family. The name Hailey means "hero or heroine" and I believe that is exactly what you are. You have swept right in and reminded us of the sweet reunion that can one day be ours as we come together as a complete eternal family. You have reminded us that the sorrow and grief we experience on earth, is only but a moment. A moment that changes perspective and forges faith. The moment of your life so far, has brought hope for the future and healing for the past... and for that I will forever be grateful.

Love Always,


Rebecca said...

These are all things I would say to Watson except you said it so beautifully. May 12 is Hollis Jay Day and I find it hard to think about much else this time of year.

Carrie said...

She is so beautiful! What lucky girls to have such a great Mommy. You rock!

Mandy said...

I love the picture you posted with this. As always you are so well can say so beautifully what you think and feel. You're amazing. I love you and miss you!

The Allphins said...

Wow, you really have a way with words. How come I didn't get that gene? You should make a book out of your blog to give to your children someday. It does not seem like it's been 3 months since she was born. That's crazy!

Whitney said...

I feel the same way about Emaline! I wish she would stay my baby forever!

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