Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend parties, picture of Hailey, and preschool graduation...

This weekend seemed like one big party. We started the weekend off with a party on Friday night for Cory's Sunday school class. Cory and I love having our house full of youth. We had a great time with them. Cory even took them doorbell ditching later on in the night (they were going to go rolling like they did at the last party, but it was supposed to rain that night). Then Saturday we went and helped one of the boys in our ward with his eagle scout project and then spent the rest of the day at one of my laurel's house (she was having a swimming graduation party). We had a relaxing Sabbath and we're now getting ready for another full day of partying.

These last two pictures were taken the other week at Cloey's preschool graduation. We LOVED doing "mommy preschool" this last year. It is seriously the way to do preschool. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to do preschool for their child. It was very easy and fun!!! The 7 kids all went to one person's house for 5 weeks (2 times a week) and that mom would teach and then we would rotate to the next kid's house. We had a meeting at the very beginning of the year to decide what themes we would all teach and to choose a schedule so that we would all keep it consistent. Cloey had the best teachers EVER in gospel-centered homes with adorable classmates...what more could you ask for???


Mandy said...

cute kids, cute pics, and the preschool is a great idea if you have enough kids to do it....not so fortunate here, though. miss you!

Lindsey said...

I bet those kids love coming to your house. That picture of Hailey is really cute!

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