Sunday, May 02, 2010

Feeling Giddy

Yesterday morning I loaded up all three girls and went garage sale shopping. I totally bribed my girls with ice cream if they would just stay in the car the whole time and entertain themselves and Hailey. ( I am so not above bribing and it totally worked.) Three hours later, I was driving home with 3 delicious ice cream cones, 2 amazingly happy girls, 1 screaming hungry baby, a WHOLE car full of amazing deals, and 1 very happy mommy.

I don't know what it is about bargain shopping, but it just makes me happy. There is nothing worse to me than leaving a store knowing that I totally spent way too much money on something that I really didn't need anyways. I have the worst buyer's remorse ever!!! But, if I just spent $80 and got a barely used elliptical machine, a brand new bike for Cloey, 2 shirts for me, a pair of earrings, a dress for Katelund, a dress and an outfit for Cloey, 6 children's books (that are really good ones), 2 chalkboard/dry erase/ work center easel thing (I'll have to take a pic of's so cute!!!), a Snow White doll, and ADORABLE clothes for Hailey (8 outfits, 4 dresses, 2 pajamas, and 2 pairs of shoes)....then I am beyond happy. I'm just plain giddy!

I'm also giddy about the fact that I am starting this week with a spotless home, an organized and swept out garage, and a vacuumed out van. (Cory was gone all day yesterday, so I had nothing better to do) AND, I'm finally getting my announcements and thank you cards mailed out (good thing it only took my THREE months!!). This week my goal is to get some major spring cleaning/organizing done. Maybe I'll post some before and after pics. Only if you promise to not judge me!! :) I have some pretty ugly junk drawers (you know...the drawers where everything goes that doesn't have a home?? Please tell me I'm not the only one that has those?! They definitely do not make me giddy.


Carrie said...

Awesome deals at the yard sales! Kristen would be so proud of you! Isn't it so nice when the house is all clean and organized? I have no idea how women work full time and take care of the house and family...I worked 33 hours last week and my house is a wreck...And by the way if you ever come across another elliptical machine for a deal like that pick it up for me and I will hope in the car and make a road trip out of it!!!! I am giddy for you!!!! And don't let anyone lie to you and tell you they don't have a junk drawer-everyone does!

Mandy said...

Yay for you and your shopping deals! I know the joy you get from it, so enjoy your spoils. :) I need to learn patience from you and Sherrie for shopping for the deals.

The Allphins said...

Yeah...we definitely have junk drawers. Jason and I spent almost our entire Saturday cleaning our house and doing yard work. It was exhausting, but it sure feels good to have a clean house!

Carrie said...

Just to warn you...I blogged about you. :)

MarylouGilliam said...

I go in to Deborah's blog, and sometimes read yours. I hope you do not mind. You have a great way with words. I love your letter to your daughter, made me cry. I use to live in Chattanooga, graduated from from high school there, it's a great city. God Bless you, Mary Lou Gilliam

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