Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exciting News

No...I'm not pregnant. I know that is what you were thinking. :) This news isn't as exciting [or crazy] as that news would be, but still exciting nonetheless.

Exciting News #1 .....I have found a new love. Bike riding. Last Saturday, Cory and I went on a bike riding date. We hired a babysitter and everything. We left at 8 am and got home at 11. We rode 20 miles...holy cow, right? I don't think I have ever even gone 10 miles at one time before this week. I have been riding on my own as well, and my grand total (including my ride today) since last Thursday will be 50 miles. I love it. I'm not as good as Cory but I'll get there. My goal is to be able to easily ride 30miles on my 30th birthday. I also want to run 3 miles and swim 300 yards on my birthday. Then I will eat the biggest German chocolate cake ever. :)

Exciting News #2....I am the new proud owner of a cricut!!!! FINALLY! I've only waited for like 2 years. My awesome sister-in-law, Amber, called me the other day to let me know that they were on sell for $50 on a particular website. I couldn't have been more excited! The $100 I saved made it totally worth the wait!

Exciting News #3....While we were living in Asheville, I was good friends with an amazing couple in our ward. They were both incredibly intelligent, on a secular and religious level. I loved to just sit and talk with them because they would always teach me SO MUCH from just one conversation, especially when we talked about the Book of Mormon. Just recently, the husband, Grant Hardy, got his book published by Oxford. I was one of the lucky ones because I got to read the manuscript right after he finished it when it was still on individual typed papers. I LOVED the book and I was so excited when he told me that he was going to include me in his acknowledgment page at the beginning of his book. If you click here you can see his book (or you may just want to buy it...I highly recommend it!!) and you can even scroll through the pages and find my name. It will probably be the only time that my name is ever "published" by Oxford (okay, that may be a stretch, but just go with it okay?).

Exciting News #4....summer has officially started. Yeah for sleeping in, no schedules (at least for this week), and long, fun, hot days in the sun and water.


Andrea said...

#1 - Awesome.

#2 - So excited for you!

#3 - Very cool to have your name published.

#4 - I can't wait to be able to type those words. :) Almost...

Melanie Anne said...

I am very excited for all your exciting news!! Very cool! I am impressed with your bike riding and your name being published!! And I want to know the website that has crickets for sale--I really want one for that price too!! Thanks for the birthday lunch on friday. It was sooo fun and just made my day!! And my boys and I loved the almond M & Ms yum!!

Sherrie said...

I was so impressed, no, inspired by your twenty mile accomplishment, that I want to go out and accomplish the same. no matter how arduous it may be for me.

I am planning on ordering the book to add to our library.

The cricket I must confess, I already knew about. Well you know that, since you are the one who told me.

Summer, ah, the lazy days of summer, now that is great news! You deserve it. However, can you please come over to my house sometime. I'd like to take the girls to the beach!

Mandy said...

Yay for all of your exciting news! Enjoy your new passion...sounds great.

Lindsey said...

I have been wanting a bike for so long! I think I would love bike riding a lot too. Someday when I have a bike and you and Cory decide to move back to Texas, we should go riding together. :)

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