Friday, October 09, 2009

Tact....or Tactless

Katelund has the day off of school today. So, I decided to take the girls to Subway for lunch (it is like the only place I go out for lunch, on the rare occasions that I do go out) because I can spend $5 and get a foot long cut up into three sections, water, and free cookies (I love how they give me free cookies because they think my girls are so cute...or maybe they give away free cookies to all kids...I think I'll stick with my first theory). Anyways, we are sitting at a table eating our delicious sandwiches ( I LOVE subway sandwiches) and there are quite a few other people within close proximity of us who are all eating alone and I'm sure listening (not by choice) to every word that comes out of my children's mouths because for some reason they are talking at super loud levels (maybe I need to take them out more). Then the following conversation took place.....

Cloey: "Look Mommy, did you see how I used good manners and coughed into my elbow."
Me: "Good job Cloey, I'm so glad you were listening when I taught you to do that in preschool."
Katelund: "Well I already learned how to do that a long time ago."
Me: "I'm so glad that you remember."
Katelund: "Well actually I wasn't taught that, it is like the only thing that I remember from heaven."
Me: "Really?"
Cloey: "Well I remember something from heaven too."
Me: "What is that?" (I lower my voice to try and get the conversation down to a whisper because I have no idea what is about to come out of her mouth).
Cloey: "I remember learning that President Monson, the prophet, is the most special person in our world."
Me:"You are right, he is very special."
Katelund: "Well, now I remember something else from heaven too. I remember that my spirit and my brain are really important."
Katelund: (looking at the window and getting distracted) "Mommy, that man is smoking and that is so bad for him. The prophet told us not to smoke."
Me: "Yes, you are right but....(I went on and had a teaching everyone in Subway...but then was interrupted by Cloey who was watching the lady who just walked through the door)
Cloey: "Mommy, that lady is not dressed modestly!"

I was mortified! I don't know if she heard, but I know that everyone else around us did.

Apparently I need to teach more about tact and love.


Crystal said...

That is so funny! We only go to Subway too! $5 sandwich feeds all three of us! When the doctor asked Ciara what she eats for lunch at her 3 yr old appt. she said Subway! I guess that shows how often we go there!

Jenna said...

I loved this! So cute! I am sure everything you are teaching them will one day soak in and they will perfect little angles!

Mandy said...

The fact that they remember those lessons, and what the prophet says is amazing!! But, that is too funny -- I'm sorry. If I'd overheard that, I would have thought they were charming, exciting litle girls -- which they are. :)

Lena said...

No worries Melissa, that will come with age. They are learning the basics now. My kids are always pointing out people who are not modest or who are smoking or doing things we don't on Sundays. I suppose each of those times is another moment we can teach them. Sarah is just 11 and doesn't do it as often- at least not out loud in public. She does wonder why everyone on TV dresses immodestly though...

Whyzzerd said...

we never get free cookies... I'm going to have to start dressing Stephan up in his best suit before going to subway! either that or we will have to go with you guys one day!

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